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That’s me! My name is Jillian, or Jilly if you’re feeling saucy,  and I read….a lot.  I’m sort of an addict.  I’d like to say I’ve loved reading my whole life, but the truth is, it all started with a sparkly guy in the Pacific Northwest and has gone from there.   I’ll read anything these days, even though I tend to stay in the romance, thriller, and suspense genres.  And if a book or series is just so damn good, it ends up on me in the form of a tattoo.  I did mention I’m sort of an addict, right? Anyway, I’ve met some amazing people and authors and have had some exceptional experiences in my life thanks to my love of books.  I hope you enjoy the posts and fun stuff on here as much as I do!

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Now, my take on reviews…. To me, as a reader, writing is an art form.  Art is subjective.  Everyone takes something different away from it.  That being said, if I read a book and don’t care for it, for whatever reason, I don’t feel as though I should write a negative review.  Who’s to say that someone else will fall in love with that very book that I didn’t care for?  I know some of you may disagree and think I should go ahead and write that negative review….but that’s just not my style.  If you’re seeing a book, or cover reveal, or blog tour on my site it’s because I enjoy it.  Whether it’s something I have read, or want to read, that’s why it’s here.  I’m going old school, but I still believe if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all…. you know?   Oh, and sometimes my good friend Rina stops by with some addition bookish fun! I heart those gals BIG!  





Hey!! I am Courtney (Court to most) and really suck at writing bios. LOL Give me a book and ask me to write a review and I am good to go. Talking about myself, yea not so much.
I have loved reading since I was kid and never really stopped; in all honesty, it has just grown into a really huge obsession! My favorite genres are thriller/horror/paranormal so how I got sucked into Romance, YA, New Adult still remains a mystery but I love it. I pretty much will read anything that absolutely catches my eye and sucks me in. Some would say I have a slight addiction to reading.
I am grateful to have been able to meet so many awesome people (fellow bloggers, readers, authors, etc) in this industry and look forward to meeting many more! I hope you enjoy my musings and quirky reviews. XOXO







Hi I am Shannon! I am mom of two girls, ages 5 and 11, who I adore and love more than anything in this world. However, at times I need an escape from mom and housewife duties, which is just one of the many reasons I love to read. Just like Jillian, my love of reading came later in life on a fateful day when I was struck with the stomach flu and Twilight landed in my hands. I was hooked in an instant and since then have found really great authors and books I just adore! I love reading a great book, sometimes in a day and half, and really getting a break from watching Disney shows. I mean really there is only so much Mickey Mouse and 60 Minutes (my husband watches this, not me lol) a person can watch. When I am forced to endure this horror, I just bring out my kindle. It is the best escape ever!

It is a true honor to just read and review with these lovely ladies on Read~Love~Blog and share my reviews on books I love!





My hopeless romantic days began in TV romance with Max & Liz from Roswell and Jack & Kate on LOST, and since discovering romance on the page with classics like my number one, THE great Pride and Prejudice and Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love, the rest is storybook, really. By day I’m running a non-profit coffee shop, but all other hours are spent in all things romance. I’m a Southern girl by blood and a wanderer in spirit, and finding those five-star romance stories that I feel down to my toes is what I live for these days—whether it be reviewing, beta reading, or polishing through edits. I spent five years writing for the renowned romance site Heroes and Heartbreakers, and I’m so happy to be wearing the “Read-Love-Blog” blogger badge now. My favorite genres to read are contemporary erotic, dark romance, and historicals. I love a good twist, raw emotion, and a happily ever after that the characters have really worked for and won! My other loves are true crime and traveling around the world looking for tiny houses to stay in.





I’m a wife to an amazingly supportive and loving husband. I’m also a mother of two ridiculously silly, handsome, and hyper boys, who are a year apart. Being a mother and a wife are my first two loves, but my third love, hands down is READING! I like to read all genres, but my big interests are romance of any kind (sweet, paranormal, dark, etc.), urban fantasy, horror, and true crime. I’m and over-the-moon excited about being a guest reviewer for Read Love Blog and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity.





Greetings fellow readers! My name is Stacey and I’m a longtime and avid reader. Boy, that sounds like I’m at a Readers Anonymous meeting doesn’t it? Well, if such a thing existed, I’d be there. I’ve loved to read since I was a young girl. I got hooked on Bobbsey Twin mysteries back in elementary school and haven’t looked back since. The day the Scholastic book catalog was passed out in class used to be my favorite day in school. I still get excited when my own children bring them home! From those Bobbsey Twin mysteries (that I collected like a fiend!), I moved on to fantasy and eventually–once puberty hit–romance as well. I read almost anything. My love of books took a backseat to bars, boys, and live bands for a while, but a little something called Harry Potter and Twilight reignited my passion to read. Edward Cullen is also responsible for me knowing Jillian and forming a lifelong bond that transcends books. I look forward to talking books and book boyfriends with you.

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