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How amazing would it be to be able to create your own panel of authors???  Whether they are ones from a particular genre, those who write more difficult topics or just those who’s brains you loved to pick at a little (or a lot in our case).

Eventbrite inspired us with their new project they are working on – planning your dream author panel!!!  Jillian and I both have attended author panel discussions at various author signings and conventions.  We both have personally been asked to sit on panels too for various topics.  While we both have enjoyed both being on panels and attending author discussions, we jumped at the chance to showcase some authors that we would love to see on panels in certain genres.

We chose to do genres instead of particular topics only because we know that some authors do write difficult topics in some genres.  As to what we would ask these authors, that really all depends on the discussion that pops up, but these are some general questions we would ask of the authors below:

1.  Are there any character(s) that were more difficult to write for you?  And are there are any characters that you enjoyed writing more than others?

2.  When do you realize you wanted to become a writer?  And why this particular genre?

3.  Who has inspired you throughout your writing career or even before?

4.  Is there any genre you would stay away from for any particular reason?

5.  If you could pick, who would you want to co-author a book about and what would it be about?

6.  Do you prefer to write standalones or series?

7.  Who is your unicorn author?  Have you met them?  What would you say to them?

8.  Do you keep a notebook on you all the time in case of those spur of the moment epiphanies?

9.  Do you have any “quirks” when it comes to writing (i.e. –  need specific music playing, a certain area of the house, etc).

10.  What book of yours is your favorite?

Those are just a few questions that we would ask these authors.  But again, depending on where the discussion goes, other questions could come up.  Now the list of authors below in each genre, is in no particular order and we only wanted to list 3-4 in each category.  Trust me, there are plenty more we would add to each one. 

And I will clarify that certain genres will cover more than one genre as a whole (Dark Romance will cover mafia/MC and erotic and edgy romance, Fantasy/Sci-Fi will also include paranormal and dystopian, etc.).  And some authors fall into more than one genre.

But here’s our list!

Alice Clayton

Meghan Quinn

Tara Sivec


J.R. Ward

Keri Lake

C.J. Roberts

Madeline Sheehan

Lexi Blake

Soraya Noami

Aleatha Romig

Rebecca Zanetti

Karin Slaughter

Iris Johansen

Lisa Unger

Dan Brown


Richelle  Mead

Sarah J Maas

Dannika Dark

Lauren Kate


Jennifer L Armentrout

Jessica Sorensen

Lisa Brown Roberts



Marina Adair

Tessa Bailey

Kendall Ryan

Courtney Cole

Michelle Leighton

There are so many genres today, it’s really hard to narrow it down and so many authors fall into multiple categories and that makes it even more difficult.  But these are just a few authors in a few genres that we would love to have a discussion with and see them on a panel and talk to us about whatever was on their minds.

Who would you want to be on your Dream Author Panel??

And do not forget, always utilize Eventbrite to find or plan any conferences or signings in your area or places you will be visiting.

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  1. I would love to see a narrators panel with Amanda Ronconi, Lauren Fortgang and Lorelei King.

    I would also like a hybrid authors panel. I know there are a lot of them now, so I don’t know who I would want to see, though.

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