Blame It On The Shame Part 3 by Ashley Jade…Review

Dark Romance


Synopsis: There’s something lurking in all of us.
Something we hide and shelter from those we love in order to protect them.
A darkness we try to suppress because we’re ashamed of who that makes us.
Because that’s the thing about Shame.
It wounds us. It damages us.
Or, for the few poor souls out there like me…it defines us.
It’s there—in the shadows, beneath the surface…just waiting.
Until you let it break free
And the darkness consumes you.
My name is Ricardo DeLuca.
There are two things you need to know about me. The first—is that my heart will always bleed for her…
Only her.
The second— is that I’m the son of the devil himself—the most feared mob boss who ever lived.
That is…until me.
Ricardo’s heart might bleed for me but my heart shatters for him.
Over and over again.
I thought I fought all my demons…
I thought the worst was over.
I was wrong.
Because it’s not my demon I’m battling this time…
It’s his.
And it wants to claim something I don’t have.
His soul.
And that’s a battle I’m afraid I won’t win.
“There are two sides to every story…this is how ours ENDS.”
Warning: Due to strong language, some violence, explicit sexual content, and some dark elements, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Trigger Warning*: Any readers with sensitivity to dark reads should proceed with caution and at their own risk.
Please Note: This is the third and final book in the series.
The first installment of this series pulled me in.
The second installment tore through my chest like a knife and ripped my heart out.
The third installment set my soul on fire.
“The man who set me free…is now holding me captive.”
Lou-Lou has been on her own for four months and, though Ricardo gave her more than enough money to get by she hasn’t touched a dime. She sold the car that he gave her, and the burner phone that he left her, she rarely turns on. She doesn’t need any help from the man who sent her away. The man that she was in love with and would have died for.
When Ricardo finds out that Lou-Lou’s piece of shit father is after her, he calls in a team of private investigators to find her. When they fail to do so, Ricardo goes out and does the job himself. Unfortunately, he finds her in the arms of another man.
“The hairs on the back of my neck stand up, my spine turns to ice, and everything that occurs next seems to happen in slow motion because… All. I. See. Is. Black. My gun is out when I notice the hand that’s splayed across her stomach. My gun is pointed at him when I hear the sound of a zipper being undone…”
Now that she is locked up in her room in Ricardo’s home, Lou-Lou is demanding to know why she’s there.  Ricardo refuses to tell her that the father she thought was dead, not only is still alive, but is also out to find her and take her away. The two are at each other’s throats from the time that Lou-Lou arrives but at the same time, they’re both seeking, yet denying one another, the touch and love that they both crave. However, the constant pull toward one another causes them to swallow their pride and throw their inhibitions to the wind.
“It happens so rapidly the room spins and every single part of my body hums with excitement and adrenaline when he lifts me into his arms. His lips smash against mine and my breath leaves my lungs so fast it almost burns the second my back slams into the pillar behind me. But that pillar’s not sturdy enough to protect me from the power behind his kiss. It’s a kiss that breaks all the rules, it’s a kiss that puts me back together and shatters me all at once. It’s a kiss that makes me fall in love with the sinner and saint that is Ricardo DeLuca. The sweet angel who turned into the vicious devil. The only man who can rescue and kill me at the same time. I will always belong to him and he will always belong to me and nothing will ever change that. The only thing this kiss changes are the lines between us, because it blurs each and every one of them. I despise him and I want him. I hate him and I love him. I love him more than anything in the whole entire world. Where he leads I will always follow, even if it’s straight into the depths of hell.”
Ricardo is determined to keep her safe until Travine is eliminated. Ricardo was promised that Lou-Lou would remain safe from the Council if he took his rightful place and follow in his father’s footsteps. But that doesn’t mean that she’s safe from anyone else. When the Council finds out that Ricardo has plans to go after Travine, he is told that he cannot touch him or else he will be putting Jackson and Tyrone in danger and therefore, is left trying to decide how to keep all of his loved ones safe.
Will Ricardo and Lou-Lou get the happy ending that they deserve? Will Ricardo put his vendetta aside in order to save his brothers? Or will the DeLuca curse be strong enough to end them all?

Author’s blurb

I’m a lover of romance, erotica, dark romance, oxford comma’s, the em dash, peanut butter on my cookies and anything thought provoking…except for math.

I’ve always read books growing up and after having a strange dream one night; I decided to just go for it and publish my first series.

Little did I know, I would end up falling head over heels in love with writing and it would own and soothe my soul.

If I’m not paying off student loan debt, working, or writing a novel—you can usually find me listening to music and pondering the meaning of life.

Check my amazon page and Facebook page for future novels.
I recently became hip and joined Twitter, so you can find me there, too.
I love connecting with my fans—you are my world.


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