Stacey Reads This Or That

Hello everyone and Happy 2017!

Read-Love-Blog reviewer Stacey has come up with a super fun interactive way to decide what she should read and review… THIS OR THAT!

At the beginning of each month we will post a poll for a week an you can vote on what she reads and reviews for that month.  Fun, right?!

This month it’s between Blood Vow: Black Dagger Legacy #2 by J.R. Ward and or Breath of Fire: The Kingmaker Chronicles #2 by Amanda Bouchet.  Vote in the poll below and we will post the results in a week 🙂





  1. Blood Vow….I like this idea!

  2. Kathy Valentine says:

    I picked blood vow!!! Great new idea ladies!!! Love it!! Shared on all my socials

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