Sweet Destiny (Klaus Brothers #5) by Penny Watson…Review


Wolfgang Reinhard Klaus, Director of Charitable Donations for the family business, is the last unmarried Klaus brother. While his four siblings have fallen in love and started their unconventional families, Wolfgang has been crushed by his heart-breaking obligations. The once affable Wolf has become a bitter and tormented man. All he has left is a nimble vision of loveliness who haunts his dreams. Is she enough to restore his faith in humanity?

Belinda Kiefer is a one-of-a-kind being, embraced by the winter forest and the woodland animals. Half-human, half-fairy, she flits between two worlds, searching for a place to belong. Her secret crush on Wolfgang is both a blessing and a curse. It will help her to soothe him in his darkest hour, but the outcome may cost her everything.

When Santa is injured before Christmas, the Klaus family is forced to take action. The Day of Reckoning is finally upon them, and one of the siblings must take responsibility for the beloved holiday. Which brother possesses the true heart of the Weihnachtsmann? Who will be the one to fulfill this long-awaited destiny?

My Review:

Well, we’ve heard it many times in our lives – all good things must come to an end. Penny Watson’s Klaus Brothers series is delightful and I am very sad to see it end. I wonder if I can hope for a Christmas miracle and next year there’s suddenly a long lost Klaus brother to read about…

Anyway, you need to read this book. Especially if you like the whimsical and magical parts of the holidays. In this series, Santa is real and he has five very good looking sons. In Sweet Destiny (the last of the series – have I mentioned how upset I am about that? I have? Okay, well.  I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not. I love this series!) Wolfgang is the last Klaus brother to find love. He’s watched his brothers find love and be happy and it’s taking a toll on him. As head of the charitable arm of Klaus Enterprises, Wolf sees a lot of heartbreaking situations in his work. Lately he’s been going off by himself for extended periods of time. He needs something or someone to bring the joy back to his life.

Enter Belinda, half-human, half-fairy. Snow/winter fairy. She’s got mad crafting skills with things found in nature, has a bit of a Snow White thing going on with woodland animals, oh, and a mad crush on Wolf that’s been going on for many, many years. Belinda feels like she doesn’t belong in either world: human or fairy. She needs something or someone to make her feel like she belongs.

This story is filled with the Christmas spirit and will give you that feeling you had as a kid when you watched Christmas specials curled up on the couch with your family.


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About the author:

Award-winning author Penny Watson writes feel-good fiction with a side of quirk. She loves to blend genres, push limits, and try new things. No matter what she writes, it always has a happy ending.

Penny was a botanist in her former life and began her publishing career with scientific journals. Now she lets her muse run wild, penning quirky love stories, North Pole adventures, and even childrens’ books about a superhero weenie dog.

She currently resides outside of Boston with a fly-fishing obsessed husband, two spirited Filipino kids, and Lucy, the Original Wonder Weenie.

Penny also publishes children’s books as Nina Clark. Check out LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE, illustrated by Sara Pulver.

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