Hard Compromise by Samanthe Beck…Release Day and Review


Happy book birthday to Hard Compromise by Samanthe Beck.

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She turned on less than steady legs and walked to the other side of the room, feeling the weight of his stare on her the entire time. Once there, she planted her feet hip’s distance apart, bent from the waist, and rested her forearms on the bed. “I trust this is interesting enough for you?”

His footsteps fueled her adrenalin. She lowered her head to the mattress, and lifted onto her toes.

“It’s definitely a start. Hand me my belt.”

She raised her head as a hundred imaginary feathers fluttered down her spine. “Your…what?”

“My belt,” he repeated. “It’s right beside you.”


“Give it to me, and you’ll find out.”

If she wasn’t in the mood for this, all she had to do was say so. Booker would let it go, without question. Even knowing this, backing down felt too much like surrender. She handed the strap to him, but couldn’t help adding a caustic comment. “Who would have guessed there were fifty shades of Sheriff Booker?”

His soft laugh stirred invisible molecules in the air around her. “I would never do anything so conventional. Besides”—he folded the belt in half and ran the edge along the back of her thigh—“I think you secretly prefer gentle.”

“I told you before, you don’t have to be gentle with me.”

“You’re tough, huh?” The edge of the belt tickled her skin again.

She faced front and held her position. “That’s right.” Dammit, she was her own worst enemy.

“Okay, tough girl. Be still.”


I have to say this book started out hot and heavy and it never ended! I absolutely love the story of Lauralie (aka Laurie) and Booker. Laurie is a hard working women who wants nothing to do with a relationship. Owning her own bakery and breaking free of her mother she finally finds herself heading in the right direction. It isn’t until New Year’s Eve that Booker literally storms in her apartment and takes what he has wanted for ten years.

I L-O-V-E that Laurie and Booker have a past and how he waited for her to become older before he goes for what he has wanted. He is protective and loving in ways that will not scare her away. Booker sees right through all the walls she puts up and it is so sweet and romantic.

I seriously could not put this book down once I started reading it. The chemistry that Laurie and Booker have was enough but so was the story of these two. I love that there is a “deal” for her to date him and make his mother believe they are love. I love that Laurie tries so hard to push her feelings for him away. The twists and turns kept me intrigue and I never got bored of reading it. It was such a great story! Hard Compromise is a must read for any romance reader!




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