Beautiful Torture by Emery Jacobs



He’s a liar, a cheater, and an addict.

For the last seven years, Caleb Bonelli has let those three words define him—mold him—make him into the man he is today. Living hard and fast, he has never looked back, determined to ignore the pain and suffering of his past. Until he hits rock bottom.

She’s alone, afraid, and tortured.

Henley Matthews doesn’t need anyone—only her music. She learned at an early age that she has no choice but to find comfort in the cards she’s been dealt. A life full of beauty she holds onto tightly because she doesn’t know when it will be taken away.

When Henley allows Caleb into her life, everything spirals out of control. She discovers things about his past that should send her running. But instead, it gives her a reason to stay. Will he feel the same about her once he learns her secrets? Can a damaged man like Caleb handle the truth behind the beautiful tortured woman?




Beautiful Torture is the story of Caleb Bonelli, a hot tattoo artist rides a motorcycle, really do I need to say more? Emery Jacobs had me with that alone until I started to read this novella. Wow I was never so angry and frustrated with a character that much in the beginning of the book than I have been with Caleb. I mean why can he just not see that one of his best friends really loves him? Why does he push Piper away so many times? “WWWHHHHYYY?” (Yes I was literally shouting at my kindle.) When he finally goes chasing Piper (without giving to much away) it is too late for him. Caleb Bonelli is a character you hate one minute and then the next you see what is in his mind and do you ever start to swoon when you do. He is truly beautifully tortured and I found myself routing for this guy to finally find happiness before it slips away again. He has baggage but it baggage that has taught him life lessons which also makes him passionate about not letting go when he finds what he wants. It is not until seven years later that he happens to literally get attacked by Henley Matthews that he truly learns that he must seize the day! Oh and does he ever!! His passion for not letting a moment turn into regret is reflected when he runs into Henley once again and boy he does not have any regret!

Henley does not come with out her own baggage. She is fighting what is to be her future just like Caleb. This is what is so great about these two characters, they are both struggling to fight their demons of past and future. They are passionate right away with each other and I cannot wait to see what is in store for them. Yes, there is a part two *clapping hands*! I cannot wait to see how their story will continue.

If you need a book for a airplane trip, daytrip or even a book to take your mind off everyday life, then you must pick up this novella from Emery Jacobs! It is a easy and fast read. Beautiful Torture is part of the Twisted Fate series but can be read as a stand alone but after reading this I went right to Twisted Fate. Let me tell you, get both!





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