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Book Synopsis:

Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Award Nominee 2014 Best Sci-Fi

After the Great Destruction decimated the world, science is the new god. Geneticists rule, instituting a DNA-based caste system in their effort to restore the human genome.

As a Zed, Will’s a virtual slave who isn’t allowed medical care. A tragic accident has left him crippled, awaiting death. Just before his time is up, Malcolm, an enigmatic Alpha with two differently colored eyes, sweeps in and buys him. Will becomes part of a family of freaks–other damaged Zeds who should be dead. Life seems ideal until Malcolm makes a request that could change Will’s life.

Malcolm harbors more secrets than his Zeds could imagine. His attraction to Will unravels his carefully cultivated control, and one secret escapes: he craves pain, not just as a sexual release, but as a way to atone for his past. Will may be the one person who can give him what he needs if Malcolm can only allow him into his heart.

As they struggle to build trust, each secret Malcolm reveals threatens their relationship. In the end, their desire for each other may heal both men if they can unlearn the lessons of the past.

In Distress is a dystopian, science-fiction love story and contains adult language and situations.


A gripping tale of friendship, family, love, and loyalty mixed with mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat and sexual tension that will leave you filled with desire.

Geneticists are ruling the country and have adopted the caste system from the middle ages. This is their way of preserving mankind and creating a better, stronger, and smarter race in the future. In this dystopian world, where Alphas are of the most esteemed of people, there is one that stands out from the rest. Malcom takes in Zeds (the lowest class) that are broken, those that will be destroyed when they no longer have a use. Will has a deep-rooted hatred for all Alphas since his life has been littered with these overly cruel and brutally sadistic individuals.

Will is very weary of Malcom, but when he gets to Malcom’s house, he quickly learns that he has nothing to fear. It’s at Malcom’s house where he has his first glimpse at family, friendship, and companionship. And it’s in Malcom’s bed where he has his first chance of searing, red-hot desire and deep, penetrating love.

Will this love be enough to keep them together after Will finds out about Malcom’s hidden agenda?

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Author Blurb:


Caethes’ writing is influenced by her observations of this imperfect world and the flawed characters who inhabit it. She enjoys playing RPGs and making up complex backstories for her avatar and the characters she encounters. Caethes has lived in seven states and is always looking for the next place to call home with her husband and dogs. She currently resides in Florida where she’s often found at theme parks when she’s not writing. Her website is http://CaethesFaron.com. You can sign up for her newsletter athttp://CaethesFaron.com/newsletter.


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