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Book Synopsis:

Alivia’s father left her a letter before he died, begging her to stay away from the King and the Royals. But it was a plea made in vain. She never could have run from this life, not when she might be Cyrus’ resurrected queen. The King has arrived in Silent Bend and with him, he brought the end to Alivia’s mortal life.

Uncontrollable bloodlust and an ever-shifting world rule her nights now. These twisted politics are deadly enough, but now her heart is the newest battleground. There’s no hiding from the one who hates everything she was born to, a spy who embraces everything she’s become, and a King who vies for someone she may soon remember.

The games have begun. The House of Conrath is growing. Blood will be shed, the bodies will fall. Alliances will be tested and old enemies look like harmless children compared to the new ones rising from the shadows.




Keary Taylor thrills with her latest installment in the House of Royals series. I couldn’t wait to read this book. Once I picked it up, I didn’t want to put it down!

My favorite characters are back and the House of Conrath is filled with some seriously palpable tension. The anticipation of King Cyrus’ arrival is gone. In its place is fear for the games he has been known to play and the terror that he has been known to inflict. For Alivia, the added fear that she may be his long lost Queen.

Alivia has awoken into a new life that she didn’t ask for. She is struggling trying to figure out who she is now and how she can stay true to her human self. Easier said than done… Being born into this new life is hard enough without the added “luxury” of being a royal and a house leader. She has to navigate through this new role with the most delicate precision. Her life, and the lives of her new family, hangs in the balance. Throughout her transition, she thrives in spite of King Cyrus’ violent, terrifying games. She skillfully feints the part of the coy, possibly intended Queen to the King while also portraying the brazen matriarch that she must become when the time calls for her leadership. It’s a difficult situation to maneuver when loyalties, friendships, and family are tested again and again.

The only criticism I have is some of the scenes were longer and more detailed than was necessary. Likewise, there were scenes that would have benefited from more detail. That being said, this did not take away from the story and this book was still a wonderful page turner!! It did end on a cliffhanger and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. to see where Keary leads us next! 

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Author Blurb:


Keary Taylor is the USA TODAY bestselling author of new and young adult novels.  She grew up along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where she started creating imaginary worlds and daring characters who always fell in love. She now splits her time between a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest and Utah, dragging along her husband and their two children. She continues to have an overactive imagination that frequently keeps her up at night. 



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