Love Never Dies by Christina Dodd….ARC Review

Love Never Dies is out today!



A murder committed. A love lost. A ghost haunted by the past.
Only one woman can right the wrongs…
If she can survive the night…

From this “master of the genre,” Christina Dodd, comes a suspenseful short story of this “remarkable, mesmerizing series” (Library Journal starred review) set in the
quaint — and deadly — coastal town of Virtue Falls…


My Review:

This was *gasp* the first book of author Christina Dodd that I’ve read and all I can say is I’m hooked!

This was a great short read filled with mystery and suspense.  A young intern new to town stumbles across a ghost while walking through the local park one evening.  He knows there’s danger lurking in these trees and a murderer is loose…on the hunt for new victims.  Although most people don’t see the ghost, she does, and he knows he must warn her to stay away and to stay safe.  But before he can give that warning, they become friends in a way, and they both sense a connection.  A connection that can solve a mystery which has lingered in her family for decades.  Could he be the key to keeping her alive and bringing her family closure?

Honestly, from start to finish, this story kept me glued to each page.  There was so much emotion and suspense poured into these pages. It was a great place for a new fan to start and I will certainly be scooping up all of Ms. Dodd’s other works.

I always love finding new authors and thank you, Ms. Dodd, for giving this blogger a few new series to dive into!


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To learn more about the author, visit http://www.christinadodd.com/


  1. kathy valentine says:

    great review jilly!!! this chick is one of the very best writers have read her books for years. she even writers paranormal . talk about some hot books!!!

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