Not a Mistake by Amber Belldene…ARC Review

Not a Mistake releases today! 

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Sometimes a scandal isn’t a sin…

On the night she graduates from seminary, Jordan Sykes finds herself in bed with Dominic Lawrence, the ethics professor she’s crushed on for years. Two months later, she discovers she’s pregnant and is determined to hide it to protect his career. Maybe, if she loves her new church like hell, they won’t fire her for being a single mother.

Dominic knows the difference between right and wrong, and he’s filled with remorse after sleeping with his favorite student. He’s offered the job of his dreams, but he’d be a hypocrite to accept without making things right with Jordan first.

Dominic proposes marriage to save their careers, never expecting they will prove a perfect—and passionate—match. But can Jordan give her heart to a man who still believes the first night they spent together was a mistake?

My Review:

Not a Mistake is the first book in author Amber Belldene’s newest series, the Hot Under The Collar series. I have been a big fan of Ms. Belldene’s since first reading her years earlier and I always look forward to more from her.  This book was fabulous and kicks off what I know is going to be a great series.

Not only is this s story about a one night stand turned serious when the gal finds out she’s pregnant but there are more than just a few lines crossed when it happened…one being a former student/professor relationship and the other being both he and she are priests.  Talk about a doozy!

From the very start I felt for both Jordan and Dominic. Both had their personal take on why their one night was wrong and why it shouldn’t have happened.  Both were all caught up in knots about this pregnancy and what it would mean for their futures. personally and professionally.  Both couldn’t deny the attraction and admiration they felt for each other.  Both know they are going to try to do what’s right…and hopefully they’ll find a happy ever after along the way. The turmoil they feel is palpable and I was so invested in this couple.  I always enjoy the emotion Ms. Belldene brings into her characters and this was no exception.  Jordan is smart and strong and admirable in her journey.  Dominic broke my heart with the guilt he felt in being wrong to have feelings for Jordan.  Man, their story is definitely rocky and has plenty of ups and downs but it is such a beautiful one and I just loved it.  Oh, and the ending? Totally perfect!

One of the other things I really enjoyed was Ms. Belldene bringing her other expertise into this book.  Being a Christian minister in her daily life, it turned this story from not just a regular romance, but instead a look into what life as a minister is like.  I personally learned a lot and I really appreciated it! I’m so glad Ms. Belldene decided to write a story combining both of her worlds: write and minister.

Thank you. Ms. Belldene, for another wonderful read!  I can’t wit to see what you have in store next!


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About the author:

I grew up on the Florida panhandle, swimming with alligators, climbing oak trees and diving for scallops…when I could pull myself away from a book.  As a child, I hid my Nancy Drew novels inside the church bulletin and read mysteries during sermons—an irony that is not lost on me when I preach these days.

I’m an Episcopal Priest and student of the worlds’ religions.  I believe stories are the best way to explore human truths, and I’m passionate about the deep ties between spirituality and sexuality. Some people think it’s strange for a minister to write romance, but it is perfectly natural to me, because the human desire for love is at the heart of every romance novel and God made people with that desire.

I write paranormal, historical and contemporary romance and live with my husband and two children in San Francisco.

My literary agent is the fabulous Becca Stumpf of the Prospect Agency.





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