Dance of Desire by Christopher Rice…ARC Review

Dance of Desire releases tomorrow, 2/23!

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When Amber Watson walks in on her husband in the throes of extramarital passion with one of his employees, her comfortable, passion-free life is shattered in an instant. Worse, the fate of the successful country music bar that bears her family’s name suddenly hangs in the balance. Her soon to be ex-husband is one of the bar’s official owners; his mistress, one of its employees. Will her divorce destroy her late father’s legacy?

Not if Amber’s adopted brother Caleb has anything to do with it. The wandering cowboy has picked the perfect time for a homecoming. Better yet, he’s determined to use his brains and his fists to put Amber’s ex in his place and keep the family business intact. But Caleb’s long absence has done nothing to dim the forbidden desire between him and the woman the State of Texas considers to be his sister.

Years ago, when they were just teenagers, Caleb and Amber shared a passionate first kiss beside a moonlit lake. But that same night, tragedy claimed the life of Caleb’s parents and the handsome young man went from being a family friend to Amber’s adopted brother. Has enough time passed for the two of them to throw off the roles Amber’s father picked for them all those years ago? Will their desire for each other save the family business or put it in greater danger?

DANCE OF DESIRE is the first contemporary romance from award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice, told with the author’s trademark humor and heart. It also introduces readers to a quirky and beautiful town in the Texas Hill Country called Chapel Springs.


My Review:

Dance of Desire is the newest work from author Christopher Rice and is also novella number four in the 2016 1,001 Dark Nights line-up. Each time I finish a story by this author, I swear it’s my favorite…until I read the next one and, yes, it’s happened again. I loved this story something fierce!

Years ago, Caleb and Amber were on the road to experiencing all the joys young first love has to offer. But it wasn’t meant to be. Tragedy stuck young Caleb’s life and it changed the road both Caleb’s and Amber’s families were travelling on. Years passed and they both went in different directions. Making a life, careers, falling in love with other people, getting married, divorced…but neither ever able to douse the flame they each held for one another and the young love they once shared. Now, in a twist of fate, Caleb and Amber find themselves reunited in a precarious and sad situation. But together, nonetheless. This is exactly the second chance they had wanted for too many years to count. Would they be able to make the most of it and take the chance stolen from them?

From start to finish there was just so much to love about this novella. Christopher Rice writes some of the most memorable characters and hottest moments ever. Caleb and Amber fit into both of those categories. I loved this story of doomed young love and second chances. My heart broke for Amber and Caleb and I wanted nothing more than for them to get another shot at love. Their past is very involved and packed with so much emotion. It’s impossible not to shed more than a few tears when reading what they went through as young adults. Of course it was the past, which led them to where they are now…good, bad, and sometimes ugly. They have both been through a whole lot while Caleb had been away from town and now it’s those situations that have taught them both what they want and deserve out of life. It also leads to some ridiculously sexy and smoking hot scenes. Good lord, I thought I was burst into flames reading this couple! Totally delicious!

I know I have mentioned in the past that Mr. Rice has written some of the most touching lines I have ever read and also delivered more than a few between Amber and Caleb. There’s one particular scene where they kiss in the rain that will stay with me for quite some time. So amazingly good!

If you haven’t read a Christopher Rice romance, you need to pick this book up. If you’re already a Christopher Rice romance fan, buckle up for another stellar read!


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About the author:

After publishing four New York Timesbestselling thrillers by the age of 30 and being declared one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive, award-winning writer Christopher Rice became the first author to make his erotic romance debut part of the 1,001 DARK NIGHTS series. THE FLAME: A Desire Exchange Novella kicked off a steamy new series set in New Orleans, featuring magical candles and a sexy new breed of supernatural beings, The Radiants, who are devoted to helping heroes and heroines realize their heart’s desire. THE FLAME earned accolades from some of the biggest names in erotic romance and was quickly followed up by THE SURRENDER GATE: A Desire Exchange Novel, available from Evil Eye Concepts as a Blue Box Special. Aside from authoring eight works of dark suspense, Christopher is also the co-host and executive producer of THE DINNER PARTY SHOW WITH CHRISTOPHER RICE & ERIC SHAW QUINN, all the episodes of which can be downloaded at TheDinnerPartyShow.comand from iTunes. Look for their new You Tube channel in Spring 2016.

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  1. I’ve never read Christopher Rice before but will now. Thanks!

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