Nameless by Jessica Sorensen….Release Blitz & Review




I live in a world where freedom doesn’t exist, and life is a battle for survival. Most people aren’t even allowed to have names.

But I had a name once. I was Allura until the Wardens captured me.

They told me I was a Nameless. That I was no one, and my sole purpose was to obey them. And, for a while, I believed them.

I spent years living underground in the channels beneath the city, dreaming of being outside again. I never thought it would happen. That I’d die in the darkness of my cell.

But then three guys show up in the channels and my fate suddenly changes.

Blaise, Ryder, and Reece are part of a secret group working to take down the Wardens and help rescue the Nameless. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I might survive.

But the outside world isn’t like how I remember. The city has become even more dangerous, especially for the Nameless. To survive, I’ll have to learn how to trust the guys and live in a world full of crime where almost everyone is hunting for me.


Nameless (Broken City Book 1)

nameless teaser


She’s done it again! Jessica has pulled me into another world that I love and need to know more about! I couldn’t read this book fast enough!! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Nameless is the first book in Jessica’s newest series. It’s a world like we have never known or read about it. It’s a world where humans are the bottom of the food chain and The Grim rule everything.

Allura is a Nameless. She is clueless to what is happening around her. She is rescued by three men but she is very hesitant to trust them. Her interactions with others has never been positive, to say the least.

The trio of men and Allura are on their way to the Broken City and try to uncover more things as to who she is and why she is so unique. It’s on these travels that many things happen and we learn so much about this world. I can’t say for sure if Jessica plans on adding any sort of romance into this book (it’s so good without it!) but if she were to add it and lean towards a particular one, my vote is for Blaise. Just saying.

What I absolutely love about this book – is how we learn about this whole, unique and different this world is – through the eyes of Allura. She is seeing everything for the first time and it’s so interesting to view it from her perspective.

I have no idea how many books the author plans to write in this series (I am praying more than 2), but I am hoping she is giving us a ton because I can easily get so lost in this story for a LONG time.

I can’t wait for Forsaken to come out, which thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for.

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