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Weighing In

Introducing: Weighing In

Here at Read-Love-Blog sometimes we come across a book, idea, or concept that catches our interest and, even though we may not have the time to review it just yet, we want to share our thoughts with all of you.  This is how the new feature “Weighing In” was born! Our very first Weighing In is from blogger/reviewer Stacey and takes a look at music romance anthologies.  We hope you enjoy!


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Historical Fiction for the MTV Generation

I follow a lot of authors on social media and sometimes things slip past me because of sheer volume, but when something catches my eye it’s because it’s got a hook I like. Or it’s something new and fresh. So when I saw romance anthologies set in the 1980s and 1990s, I was all ears. That’s my time, people. I’ve worn leggings and white pumps with Flashdance-style sweatshirts. I may be personally responsible for part of the hole in the ozone layer because of my Aqua Net habit in the 80s.

The other thing about these New Adult anthologies that sparked my interest is that many of the stories are centered around music. In fact, each story is inspired by a song from its respective decade. I love this idea.

I have children ranging in age from six to twelve and I daresay that this age group will probably be called the YouTube generation. This is where they discover music or go to watch videos. My oldest only knows about MTV because of Teen Wolf. MTV was the place to go for music in the 80s and 90s. I remember when MTV first aired—it was revolutionary! Music was a big part of growing up. MTV and music were to me what SnapChat and Vine are to today’s kids. So romance anthologies inspired by and (sometimes) set in the world of music? Yes, please! Let the good times roll.

‘80s Mix Tape was oh-my-god all kinds of fun! Since the stories are inspired by songs from the 1980s, the novella titles were chock-full of cuteness and cleverness: 867-5309, Kickstart My Heart, London Calling. Stories range from a rock-n-roll photographer with an assignment to follow around the hottest band of the moment that’s helmed by an ex who wants a second chance with her, to a Harley-riding heavy metal lead guitarist getting friendly with a video vixen, to a woman taking guitar lessons from the hotter and younger musician who serves her lunch while he waits to hit the big time. There are eight stories in this anthology and each of them has their own unique charm. Fun, fun, fun!

‘90s Playlist has six stories inspired by music with college-age couples. More great titles in this set including Smells Like Teen Spirit and Little Red Thong. Here you’ll read stories about raves, the grunge movement, semesters abroad, and the almighty Spring Break.

If you enjoy these anthologies and want more romance set in the not-too-distant past or inspired by the music you grew up on, check out Come Undone: Romance Stories Inspired by the Music of Duran Duran. I mean, aren’t we all Hungry Like the Wolf for more?


Amazon – 80’s Mix Tape  |  Amazon – 90’s Playlist  |  Amazon – Love stories inspired by the music of Duran Duran

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  1. Not an historical fiction fan since my teen years, but this is well done.

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