Liberty States Create Something Magical Conference Speaker Interview Series: Harper Miller

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Today the Liberty States Create Something Magical Conference Speaker Interview Series continues with author Harper Miller:


    1. What made you want to become a writer?


    Two things: First, my sucky dating life. When I say sucky, I really mean shitty (wait, can I curse? Oopsie). I can’t find the perfect guy, so I write different versions of him. Fewer headaches, of course, since the guy always leaves the toilet seat down, and he communicates effectively. I’m sure somewhere in the world my version of Mr. Right exists. I may never cross paths with him, so I write him instead, a win overall.

    Also, I began writing because there is a significant lack of diversity represented in the romance genre.

    When we see current lists of “Must Reads Romances” rarely if ever do, these lists feature authors of color. If so, it’s always the same author as if that’s the ONLY author writing romance.

    There are many of us, but sadly our stories aren’t being lauded as much as others. I also became tired of seeing the same types of douchey heroes in my reads. The guy is usually borderline abusive but written as the sexy Alpha male. There’s being a dreamy Alpha male and being a douchebag. The douchebags were winning so I wrote what I wanted to see represented in romance. #teamsensitiveAlphaheroeswithgreatbedroomskills


    1. Is there one piece of advice you would give an aspiring writer?


    Absolutely. Write what you wish to see in books. If it’s not there, create it. Stay true to your vision. Don’t allow what’s popular, what another author is doing, or what you feel you should write to get noticed impact your view. Take risks, it’ll pay off. Readers can feel your authenticity in the pages.


    1. If you could co-write a book with any author, dead or alive, who would it be?


    Oh wow, living, I’d say Zadie Smith. I love how she incorporates different cultures into her writing. I always end up learning cool British colloquialisms too! Dead, hmm, probably Octavia Butler. I’m nowhere near being as talented as either of these ladies, but a gal can dream.


    1. Who is on your bookshelf?


    I’m halfway through Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Before that, I read Aleksandr Voinov’s Dark Soul: The Complete Collection. Talk about a crazy ride! I’ve also recently ordered a bunch of paperbacks off Amazon, which include: The Hallowed Ones by Laura Bickle, Caucasia by Danzy Senna, Black Women’s Lives by Kristal Brent Zook, and The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips. If we were to start talking about my e-book bookshelf, this list would be miles longer. That’s usually a list that includes all of my romance reads.


    1. Can you tell us about one of the most memorable moments in your writing career thus far?


    Sure. Hitting #1 in my category (Interracial Erotica) on Amazon when I released my debut novel, The Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance is hands down my most memorable moment. Never happens for a first-time indie author right out the gate as far as I know. I hadn’t expected it, and it was a very humbling and surreal moment. I would’ve been happy if ten people purchased my book but to have that amount of support from complete strangers, ah-may-zing! Authors promote their work tirelessly completely unaware as to how far their reach may be. When things like that happen, you’re overjoyed thinking, “Wow, someone was paying attention after all.” Quickly followed by, “Yay, I don’t suck!”


    1. Tell us about your newest release/current work in progress.


    My most recent release is the third installment in a series I’ve penned called the Kinky Connect Chronicles. Entwined, was published in November of 2015. If you’re looking for a quick and raunchy little tale, it may be up your alley.

    I currently have three WIPs. I hope to stagger releases in the upcoming months which means a lot less interaction on social media and more writing during these chilly months. My next release, Complexity, is the fourth installment in the Kinky Connect Chronicles. It will also be my first time dipping my toe into the gay erotica/erotic romance subgenre. I’m a bit scared but ridiculously excited. I think at this stage my fan base knows that I’m going to give them something slightly different with each new book I publish. M/M erotica may not be for everyone, but then again, you never know who might suddenly decide to pick up a story simply out of intrigue.

    After that, I intend to release a clean and sweet romance. Something my mother can read since she’s always asking me when she can read my work. LOL, I’ll gladly tell my parents I pen erotica but to have them read my stuff? Oh, no no no. Noooooo. Did I say no enough?




    Harper AvatarHarper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple.
    A lackluster love life leaves time to explore new interests, for Harper it is writing. The Sweetest Taboo: An Unconventional Romance is her debut novel. In her mind, the perfect Alpha male possesses intellect, humor, and a kinky streak that rivals the size of California.

    When she isn’t writing, Harper utilizes her graduate degree in the field of medical research. She enjoys fitness-related activities, drinking copious amounts of wine and going on bad dates.


    Social Media Links:

    Email: authorharpermiller@gmail.com

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/authorharpermiller

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/authorharpmill

    Google+: http://google.com/+HarperMillerAuthor

    Goodreads Author Profile: http://www.goodreads.com/authorharpmill

    Amazon Author Page (get notified when Harper releases a new book):



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