Liberty States Create Something Magical Conference Speaker Interview Series: Samantha Kane

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Today the Liberty States Create Something Magical Conference Speaker Interview Series continues with author Samantha Kane:



  1. What made you want to become a writer?

I can’t remember not wanting to be a writer. In the 4th grade I wrote a long poem about a man who murders his wife and it was entered in a city-wide showcase at our local mall. Oddly enough I actually wasn’t a Wednesday Addams kind of kid. Hard to believe, right? Well, then I went on to do Creative Writing and writing and editing for my high school and college newspapers, where I specialized in editorials. I got a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in History, and if you all remember correctly that’s a lot of writing. When I went to graduate school I started writing my first romance novel on the side. It remains in my file cabinet awaiting rewrites. But I’ve really been writing creatively my whole life.


  1. Is there one piece of advice you would give an aspiring writer?

Keep at it. I sort of cringe when I look back at my first few books. With each successive piece of writing you get better and better. Like most things in life, you have to practice on a regular basis if you want to improve. And you can always improve. I don’t know any successful writer, at any stage in their career, who cannot improve. Really good writers know this and they are always trying to improve their craft, soaking up advice and technique everywhere they go. Never stop learning.


  1. If you could co-write a book with any author, dead or alive, who would it be?

I can’t pick just one. A few would include Ray Bradbury, because he understood that at the center of any story there must be heart and compassion; Robert A. Heinlein because I love his unexpected humor; Martin Cruz Smith because the man can plot the hell out of a story and has such an excellent grasp of deep POV; Larry McMurtry because he understands human frailty and foibles; and Laurell K. Hamilton because she has a gift for imaginative, evocative storytelling.


  1. Who is on your bookshelf?See above. Also a lot of Jude Deveraux’s early romances, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, J.R. Ward, Lee Child, Michael Malone, Carla Kelly and a great deal of historical non-fiction.


  1. Can you tell us about one of the most memorable moments in your writing career thus far?

Wow. This is actually a really hard question. I don’t have one memorable moment that stands out. I think the most memorable moments for me are when I meet readers who have come to a conference or a book signing specifically to meet me, and they may even bring their own books, tattered from re-reading, for me to sign. I love that. You know, I’ve never made a big splash with a book, or hit a list, or won a lot of awards. I’m the kind of writer who just keeps plodding along and people somehow find my books and enjoy them and ask for more. I do my own thing, I write what I want, and I’m pretty low key on social media. I’m an introvert, so I tend to purposefully try to blend into the wallpaper. I’m always pleasantly surprised when an editor offers me a contract, or knows who I am at a conference. My readers are the real reason I keep writing and still love what I do.


  1. Tell us about your newest release/current work in progress.


My most recent release is CHERRY BOMB, the second book in my Mercury Rising series with Samhain books.

cherrybombTheir spark could be too hot to handle…or bring a dying town back to life. 

Mercury Rising, Book 2

Officially, Turnstiles CEO Brian Curland is in Mercury to set up a new data center. Unofficially, he’s using this trip to re-evaluate his life, because for a man who has everything, he’s feeling pretty empty.

He could buy any car he wants. But no, he had to rent a piece-of-crap Chevy—which is now broken down on the side of the road. When he’s rescued by a sexy local, Brian does what he always does. Go for what he wants, even if it’s just temporary.

Evan Michaels stops to help because that’s what good guys do. He grew up in Mercury, eventually becoming minister of the local Unitarian church. Though everyone knows him, being gay and being in a gay relationship are two different things. He wants Brian, but their affair has to be secret or he can’t play.

When Evan unleashes his long-suppressed sexuality, Brian is more than up to handling the heat. Yet even though they fall hard for each other, it might take the whole town to convince them it’s a forever kind of love.

Warning: Contains an inexperienced minister, gay comic-book role play, dirty dancing in antebellum mansions, and some very naughty fireworks. Protective gear recommended.



CHERRY POP, the third book in the series, will be out on April 12.

charrypopIt was supposed to be for fun. But there was forever in his kisses…

Mercury Rising, Book 3

Ben Heston is secretly glad his boss got a wild hair and dragged him to Mercury, North Carolina. He needed a change after a painful breakup. He never expected his boss to fall over-the-moon, putting-down-roots in love.

Ben has no intention of growing roots in Mercury, but one look at Tripp Lanier makes him consider delaying his departure. Too bad Tripp isn’t gay.

Tripp is next in line to take over the family construction business, yet he can’t shake the feeling something is missing. He and Ben share a sweet connection that fills up that empty space, and Tripp realizes the one fact everyone but him seemed to suspect until now. Tripp is gay.

In spite of himself, Ben begins to love all the things Tripp loves about Mercury—night trains and tall trees, family, friends, and sweet cherry pop. But just as he’s thinking he might be Tripp’s Mr. Right, his past breezes into town, bringing up old hurts and new fears, the one obstacle that might derail happily ever after…

Warning: Contains Good Old Boys, NASCAR references, a reluctant computer programmer, an enthusiastic gay virgin and gallons of sweet cherry pop. Nine out of ten dentists agree it could be dangerously romantic.

After CHERRY POP, look for releases this year in my Birmingham Rebels and 93rd Highlanders series, and a new spin-off series called Friends of the Devil from my Regency Saint’s Devils series.




About the author:

Samantha Kane author photoReviewers have called Samantha Kane “an absolute marvel to read,” and “one of historical romance’s most erotic and sensuous authors.”  Her books have been called “sinful,” “sensuous,” and “sizzling.” She is published in several romance genres including historical, contemporary and science fiction.  Her erotic Regency-set historical romances have won awards, including Best Historical from RWA’s erotic romance chapter Passionate Ink, and the Historical CAPA (best book) award from The Romance Studio.  She has a master’s degree in American History, and taught high school social studies for ten years before becoming a full time writer. Samantha Kane lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children.







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