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We are so excited to bring you the Review/Excerpt Tour for THE PROMISE OF SURRENDER by Liliana Hart! THE PROMISE OF SURRENDER is a novella in Liliana’s The MacKenzie Family Series brought to you by 1001 Dark Nights. It is due to be released on December 15, 2015! Grab your copy of this sexy novella today!



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The drive into Surrender was quick and easy. The town was locked up tight for the most part. All the shops downtown were dark except for the gaslights that flickered along the walkways. There were lights coming from some of the apartments above the shops, including hers, but it looked like most of the action was happening down at Duffey’s Pub at the far end of Main Street.

She rolled her window down and could hear the beat of the music from the live band. Cars littered the parking lot and every light imaginable was on, inside and out. Duffey’s wasn’t her scene, but still she was tempted to take a detour and head that direction. Drink a couple of beers, dance with a couple of ranch hands, and keep her mind off Zeke.

But instead, she pulled into her parking space behind the building and climbed the stairs to the second floor. If she could get a cold beer and a shower then all would be right with the world. The only issue was the man sitting in her rocking chair.

“I didn’t figure you’d want me going inside without you,” he said, his smile easy. As if nothing more than a simple conversation had passed between them earlier. It was one of the things that had always driven her crazy about him. When he was over something, he was over it, and he moved on. Her emotions weren’t quite as settled.

“You figured right,” she said. “I would’ve shot first and asked questions later.”

“I thought that temper of yours would’ve settled over the years.”

“Nope, I’m mean as a snake.”

“That’s not what the ladies at the bakery downstairs said. Those are amazing cinnamon rolls, by the way.”

“I know. Why are you here again? I figure if I keep asking you’ll eventually tell me.”

“Don’t you want to know what the ladies had to say about you?”

If she stood there looking at him too much longer she’d end up straddling his lap and throwing caution to the wind. He sent her body into overdrive—it didn’t matter that it had been seven years. Hell, when they’d been together it hadn’t mattered if he’d just taken her and she was still lying limp and sweaty beneath him. He always made her want him.

He lounged back in the chair like a big jungle cat, and his eyes were predatory. If she let him inside she knew where they’d end up. Even from where she stood she could feel the arcs of electricity between them.


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Mia Russo spent ten years working undercover, entrenched in the dregs of society before handing in her shield. Opening her own pawn shop is a piece of cake in comparison. All she needs is the bad attitude she developed on the streets and the shotgun under her counter to keep law and order. Until the day Zeke McBride walks into her shop.

Zeke knows Mia has every right not to trust him. He was the one who chose the next op instead of her. And all he can hope is that somewhere under the snarl and cynicism is a woman who can forgive. Because whether she trusts him or not, they’re going to have to work together to bring down the gang that’s decided Mia is their next target.



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Liliana Hart - author picAbout Liliana Hart:

Liliana Hart is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author in both the mystery and romance genres. After starting her first novel her freshman year of college, she immediately became addicted to writing and knew she’d found what she was meant to do with her life. She has no idea why she majored in music.

Liliana is an avid reader and a believer in all things romance. Her books are filled with witty dialogue, steamy sex, and the all-important happily-ever-afters her romantic soul craves. Since self-publishing in June of 2011, she’s sold more than 1.2 million ebooks all over the world.


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