Cover Reveal & Giveaway….By the Rules by Elisabeth Staab




By The Rules releases 1/19/2016


About By the Rules:

He thinks I want him because of the rumors around town. Because I think he’s easy. I want AJ, because he’s AJ.

No liars. No suits. Absolutely no straight guys…

AJ Fabin’s list of rules keeps him safe. Since getting kicked out of his parents’ home and attacked by a former escorting client, his rules and his life in the tiny town of Evergreen Grove provide a quiet haven. He may be lonely, and he may stick out like a sore thumb, but the folks like him well enough. When he’s not dodging his old pimp, things are peaceful.

Hayden Price is having a quarter-life crisis. Engaged to a woman he can’t connect to and working a job he secretly hates, he comes to Evergreen Grove to help his mother through a health scare. Returning to his childhood home makes Hayden reevaluate a lot of things, including himself. When he meets AJ and finds he can’t stand the mouthy jerk—almost as much as he can’t stop thinking about him—he has a lot more to change than his career.

To be together, they’ll both have to break all of their rules.



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Excerpt (AJ’s POV):

I jog down Main Street to get to Cassie. I’m reaching for the door to Delia’s Coffee Shop and Bakery when the damn thing swings wide to reveal a younger man wearing a suit and tie. At least I think he’s younger. I’m nearly blinded first by his face, and then by the door smacking me in mine.

When I swing around to confront him we collide, hard chest meeting hard chest. I put my hand up to brace myself and wind up grabbing a firm pec, only missing smacking faces when he jumps back with one arm out to avoid smashing his to-go cup. We get close enough that his stubble scritches against mine and I smell mint on his breath as he pulls away.

I guess I should appreciate that in spite of getting harassed by my old pimp and nearly having my nose broken (again) this morning, Cranky Businessman didn’t add second degree burns to my Early Morning Shit List.

“Jesus, man. You know people are coming out of here carrying hot drinks, right?” His accent is strange, but I hear a definite hint of ballsy New Yorker in there, which makes him seem even more of a cocky bastard with his tall, broad body and that pricey Brioni suit he’s wearing. His eyes flare before he they narrow and sharpen. He glares at me, coal-dark stare scraping from the top of my rainbow hoodie to the bottoms of my sneakers in judgement.

Yeah, well. Screw him very much.



To eneter to win a paperback copy of the first two books in this series, AT THE STARS and ACTS OF CREATION, comment on this blog post.  Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, 12/16. (U.S. entries only please)



About Elisabeth:

Elisabeth Staab loves passionate stories and happy endings. Her books have been called “emotionally delicious,” “action-packed,” and “gloriously snarky.” When not writing romance, she enjoys date night with her husband, reading Harry Potter with her kids, and marathoning her favorite books or TV series. Find out more at ElisabethStaab.com, follow along on Facebook and Twitter, and keep up with new releases and giveaways by signing up for her newsletter.


About the cover:

Cover Photography by Michael Stokes

Cover design by Babski Creative Studios


  1. I haven’t read this series yet and would love to have the first two books. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy holidays!

  2. Joy Anthony says:

    This book has promise to be the best one yet in the series. Can’t wait to start meeting the characters.

  3. heathercm2001 says:

    Another fabulous cover for this series. These have been some of my favorite covers. They are so different, and perfectly match the fabulous stories that come with them. I’m looking forward to this story!

  4. Both sound really good! My type of books!

  5. Alexandra Shanak says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out! I loved the first 2

  6. Would love to read these books

  7. Donna Reynolds says:

    Looks great! Thank you for the wonderful chance.

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