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QL-Cover-GoodreadsI was broken before I met Sebastian Pryor, but he decimated me. I swept the ashes of myself into a pile that I kept safe for thirteen years. Believe me it wasn’t pretty, oh but people thought we were perfect. I hate myself most days. I hate that I feel for him as much as I loathe who I’ve become with him. This story is hard to hear. You know what the worst part is? You’ll see part of you in me. You’ll hate that. You won’t tell anyone.

My story is about cracks. A description or telling of how cracks in a marriage, a life, a personality, a heart and a mind begin and continue for years without anyone knowing. You don’t always see what causes the fissure, but you feel it. Can you remember who you were before all of this started, before your life became a jumble of deceit, longing and regret?

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a happily ever after.

This book isn’t for anyone who needs a fun time out from their life.

This book isn’t for anyone, but me.

This is my story. I won’t apologize for it.



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I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book – thank you R.L. And I really enjoyed this story.

Rebecca’s story is one that will make you think and look at things in a different light once you finish it. You will find yourself analyzing things a bit more and questioning people’s actions more. Because her story is real, raw and gripping.

“The funny thing about eating things your body can’t process is it eventually comes out, ripping you apart in the process.”

Rebecca and Sebastian had the perfect life – at least on the outside they did. Rebecca was the perfect puppet but the kicker was she knew it! This story will make you see what she went through and why she endured it. It’s not pretty. It’s effed up in so many ways, you can’t fathom any of it.

I won’t give any details or specifics because one piece will take away from the whole book. Everything part of this book falls into the next part – everything is pieced together perfectly. I have mixed feelings on Rebecca – she is strong yet at the same time she is weak. Sebastian – I absolutely loathe this man – I have not ounce of any compassion towards him.

“My body is not my own. My mind belongs to someone else. I don’t know hot to get them both back.”

R.L. wrote a magnificent story that will touch everyone. It will open your eyes. It will move you in some way. My only teeny, tiny gripe is parts of the middle dragged on a bit for me but overall, I loved the flow of the book. I loved how we are given the present and then flipped to the past to things she remembers – not just pivotal points in her life but gives you a better understanding of her life.

This book will captivate you. It’s a story about love, betrayal, deceit. Just when you think you know everything, another bomb is dropped adding a whole new twist to the story. Everything is not what it seems.

A hauntingly beautiful story.




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Author PhotoR.L. Griffin published her first book in 2004. After that she focused on practicing law. A few years ago she began writing the By A Thread series, which is out now. Her goal is to keep readers on their toes, whether it’s the plot twist or the book itself, her books are outside any box. There is a little bit of grit in most of her books and a ton of cussing. Most books are enjoyed better with a glass of wine, or whiskey, whatever your poison may be.
She lives in Atlanta with her husband, kid and dogs. She loves to travel and meet readers.


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