Gnomon by Luchia Dertien…Blog Tour Stop & Review

Title: Gnomon
Author: Luchia Dertien
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: DSP Publications
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Format: Ebook/Paperback


Emile Delaurier is a beautiful militant revolutionary, a living beacon of righteous justice for the world. For Renaire, an artist in a constant battle against the demons in the bottle, it was obsession at first sight. His devotion led to two years of homicidal partnership as Renaire followed Delaurier in his ruthless quest for equality through the death of the corrupt, like a murderous Robin Hood.

Then Delaurier breaks his pattern, leading Renaire into Russia to kill a reporter with no immoral background, and gives no explanation for his actions.

When Interpol contacts Renaire, he already has enough problems―keeping Delaurier alive, dealing with the shift in their relationship, and surviving the broken past that still haunts him. But when he learns what Interpol wants from him, Renaire must face the truth about Delaurier: that a noble man isn’t always a good one. He’s left with a choice no man should ever have to make―to follow his heart or his morals.



The blurb for Gnomon led to high expectations on my part, some were that met and some that weren’t. If you want a traditional romantic suspense with characters that are good people, this is not the book for you.

If you like complicated people with their morality anchored somewhere in the gray area, an interesting political thriller plot, and hot sex scenes then read on!

I found myself having to dig deep to like the main characters. Their story felt like, well, like a perpetually rainy day. Then the author would sprinkle in some heartwarming affection and make me examine Delaurier and Renaire with a more critical eye. I can’t say that I liked them, but I was rooting for them. Delaurier was the alpha and he’s an assassin trying to make the world a better place, but the main conflict revealed in the latter part of the book really made me question his ethics. Renaire, well, he’s even more complicated. The relationship feels obsessive and one-sided and unhealthy one minute and then they both show their vulnerability and I just want them to sail off into the sunset of a happily ever after. As mentioned earlier, the sex scenes were hot!

The plot involving Interpol, murder, a reporter who knows too much, a mysterious past for Renaire, and a potential catastrophic bombing was interesting but I wished it was more developed. This is where the length of the book (223 pages) may have hampered the story. I would have loved more of the suspense part of this romantic suspense. But I did find myself turning pages to see what happens.

Overall a good read for fans of romantic suspense and male/male romance.


Three loves

Stacey Sig

About the Author:

Luchia Dertien is a 27-year-old white cis female living in the United States. She desperately wants to be petting a dog right now. Writing genuinely is her passion, which she has been doing since the age of 3. Her first written work is titled “Castle Castle” and is generally considered to be the greatest piece of literature she’s ever produced. In middle school, she wrote a story called “Death By Mud,” which is her second best piece of literature. “Gnomon” is usually ranked somewhere near 13th.

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