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Laney Briggs is searching for a few not-so good men, including her Texas Ranger boyfriend.
Fans of Lorelei James’s Long Time Gone Cat Johnson’s Studs and Spurs series will love the sexy and suspenseful addition to the Deputy Laney Briggs series by Author Jodi Linton.

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Laney Briggs was almost certain that her sexy-assed Texas Ranger, Gunner Wilson, was gonna pop the question. Instead, he went and pulled one helluva fast one—he arrested her best friend, Luke Wagner, and skipped out. Now Pistol Rock’s firecracker deputy is ready to go Wild West on Gunner…if she can just keep that raw, sexual chemistry under control.
Gunner was planning to propose, and it all went to hell. Now he’s boots-deep into an investigation with ties to the Dirty Southern Mafia and corrupt cops. Yep, Laney is definitely gonna have his hide. Especially when she finds out just how much he’s been keeping from her…
But Laney has a weakness for Gunner’s delectable cowboy hotness. And for him, she will break every rule in the book—including the ones she’s sworn to uphold.
See where the sparks began to fly with book 1 of the Deputy Laney Briggs series, Pretty Reckless.


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Guest Post:

Hey y’all!

I’m Jodi Linton, writer of sexy westerns and bad-boy biker contemporary romances. First off I wanted to tell Jillian thank you for having me on her blog today to talk books, and yeah, cowboys. J

Back in March 2014 I released the first book, Pretty Reckless, in the Deputy Laney Briggs about a sassy, red boot wearing, female deputy and her troublesome Texas Ranger boyfriend Gunner Wilson. And what a pleasure it was to let readers discover Laney and Gunner. I’ve been truly amazed by the love for both these characters. And now a year and five books later, Laney and Gunner have said their last hurrah with the final installment, Pretty Lawless. After tossing in a strip club, sex party, and not one but three sexy cowboy, I do believe Laney rode off into the sunset in her finest Laney style yet.

So without further ado here’s my favorite Laney and Gunner scene.

Talk to you soon,

Jodi Linton


Pretty Lawless, Jodi Linton

An hour later, I was sporting a purple bra, a tight black miniskirt, and red high heels, which I’d snagged up on my way back inside as we passed by the stage. Colt, on the other hand, sat in a pair of white boxer briefs, black tube socks, and that damn Stetson hanging low on his head. I leaned into him. “You fucking suck at keeping a poker face.”

Colt shifted in his chair, eyes glued to his cards. “I’m using the reel-them-in tactic.”

“Oh my god,” I mock whispered, then smacked my cards down in front of me. “Read ’em and weep, boys. That there is a full house.”

Heated voices echoed among the small confines of the oblong wooden table, chairs scooted across the floor, jarring the table before chips spilled to the floor as Devon hunched over to spy the cards I’d sprawled out.

“Sorry, cupcake,” he said, the wickedness thickly coating his throaty rasp. “But I do believe you’re one step closer to shucking those lacy panties.” He tossed four aces into view.

Damn poker face.

Slowly, I stood on my own two feet and scrutinized the bastard. With nimble fingers, I pulled at the zipper on my skirt. “Sorry to disappoint, but I’m more of the cotton Walmart bargain-bin kind of gal.” The zipper fell open an inch.

The lawman sitting at my side reached out and jerked at my arm, stopping me in mid-striptease. “Okay, this has gone a little too far,” he said, scanning the crowd of drooling onlookers. “Don’t y’all think, gentlemen?”

I nudged his hand away and got to work shimmying the skirt over my hips when the side door to Pokey’s burst open and my worst nightmare blurred into focus. There I was, under a set of very unflattering strobe lights, tits bobbing for air in my tiny lace bra and ass hanging out of my miniskirt, looking like a tarty, sex-starved girl in a B-movie slasher flick.

And then everything bottomed out at the sound of that all too familiar male voice shouting, “Texas Rangers. Everyone show me your hands.”

Fuck a cow. So I did the only plausible thing left to do and dropped on all fours. Crab crawling about the floor, cigarette butts stuck to my kneecaps and cocktail straws jabbed me in the wrists. Not to mention I had a tail. The brim of that panty-dropping cowboy’s hat grazed my bare thighs. My head bumped into the edge of a table, and then something cold tapped my behind.

“I’d suggest you remove that hand from my girlfriend’s ass…or I can just break it off. Your choice, cowboy.”

I tilted my head back, locking in on that black rattlesnake tattoo bursting from the vein of a ripped tan arm indolently draped next to my head. To say I was shell-shocked didn’t even come close. He had a hip braced against the table leg, and he had his bullheaded cowboy face on. Wonderful—the man had impeccable timing.

“Didn’t I tell you to stop hitting up the strip clubs, Gunner Wilson?”

My hunky, headache-inducing Texas Ranger knelt down beside my behind. He pushed the black cowboy hat up, the devilish glint in his brown eyes brightening as he responded, “I hope they tipped you well, sweetheart.”


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Jodi Linton is the author of the Deputy Laney Briggs Series and the upcoming The Original Sinners Motorcycle Club with Entangled Publishing. She lives in Texas with her husband and two kids. When she is not writing about sassy females and dirty talking heroes, she enjoys long walks and family time down at the river. Join the Pink Pistol Readers! Jodi Linton’s official Street Team for insider scoops on all her upcoming books.

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