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Dirty Talk Synopsis:

When the one you shouldn’t want is the one you can’t resist…

Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies’ man reputation. But he’s more than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it. Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family’s garage and makes Brent want more.

Ivy Dawn and her sister are done with men, all of them. They’ve uprooted their lives too many times on account of the opposite sex, but that’s over now. The plan seems easy until a sexy, dirty-taking mechanic bursts in Ivy’s life and shakes everything up.

Brent can’t resist the one person who sees past his devil-may-care façade, and Ivy finds it harder and harder to deny how happy he makes her. But she has secrets of her own and when the truth comes out, she must decide if she’ll run again or if she’ll take a chance on forever.



There was no gentleness to the kiss. This was an unleashing.

It was glorious.

She hadn’t expected this. She’d expected heat and talent, but she hadn’t expect this . . . intensity, this chemistry between them that reacted like fireworks.

Brent lifted one of her legs to rest on the seat so he could wedge his body against her. Her head was against the window, the door handle digging into her back, but she didn’t care, not one bit, because now Brent’s hand was drifting down her neck, slowly, so slowly, his trembling fingertips skimming the skin.

He pulled out of the kiss, and she gulped air, clutching his shoulders, as he lowered his head so that his hair tickled her cheek. His hand didn’t go any lower; it just rested at her throat. She didn’t know how long they sat in that embrace until Brent’s lips moved against the skin of her neck. “Ivy?”

She swallowed, unsure her voice would work. “Yeah?”

“I’m going to go back to the driver’s side where I belong now.” There was humor in his tone.

She squeezed her eyes shut and smiled. “Okay.”

“I want you to know that I don’t want to.”

She didn’t release her grip on his shoulders. And she knew she was playing with fire when she asked the next question. “What do you want to do?”

He tensed under her palms and then lifted his head, so those beautiful eyes looked right into hers. “What do I want to do?”

She nodded.

His tongue came out and curled over the top of his teeth. She thought maybe that was all he planned to do, give her a glimpse so she had to imagine what he could do with that tongue. But then he spoke. “First, I want to lay you down on this bench, hike up this dress to your waist, take down those panties, and work you with my tongue until you come in my mouth.”

Holy shit. She was not prepared for Brent’s mouth or tongue or dirty talk in any way.

And he wasn’t done. “And then I’d put you on your knees, and I’d take out my cock, and I’d fuck you until you begged me to let you come again. I’d let you, Ivy. Maybe after that, we’d take a little catnap, and then I’d see what you looked like with your lips around my cock.”

She was about two seconds away from coming now. A stiff breeze could probably do it, with Brent’s words lingering in her ear.

Those words from any other man might have scared her. They might have angered her. But not Brent, because he was so earnest and clearly wanted her. He wasn’t trying to prove anything, like what a man he was or how fast he could get inside of her.

He made her feel like she was all that mattered right now.

Brent brushed his lips with hers. “But that’s not going to happen. At least, not tonight.”

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Megan Erickson Bio:

megan14Megan worked as a journalist covering real-life dramas before she decided she liked writing her own endings better and switched to fiction. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids and two cats. When she’s not tapping away on her laptop, she’s probably listening to the characters in her head who won’t stop talking.


Email: megan@meganerickson.org

Website: http://meganerickson.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MeganErickson_

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authormeganerickson

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6879435.Megan_Erickson

Newsletter: http://meganerickson.org/newsletter/

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