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Four women have little in common other than where they live and the joyous complications of having sisters. Cindy waits for her own life to begin as she sees her sister going in and out of hospitals. Lise has made the boldest move of her life, even as her sister spends every day putting herself at risk to improve the lives of others. Diana is an ocean apart from her sister, but worries that her marriage is the relationship separated by the most distance. Sylvia has lost her twin sister to breast cancer, a disease that runs in the family, and fears that she will die without having ever really lived.

When Diana places an ad in the local newsletter, Cindy, Lise, and Sylvia show up thinking they are joining a book club, but what they discover is something far deeper and more profound than any of them ever imagined.

With wit, charm, and pathos, this mesmerizing tale of sisters, both born and built, enthralls on every page.


My Review:

The Sister’s Club is the newest work from author Lauren Baratz-Logsted and I absolutely loved it.

It’s a story about four very different women in need of a connection and friendship who all come together and form that bond with each other.  It’s a story about love and loss.  A story about overcoming obstacles and continuing to have hope.  These four woman are all going through their own struggles and in these unconventional friendships they find the strength they need to overcome them.  Body image issues, an abusive relationship, going after a dream, and wanting to find love are all things these women go through and it was so touching to read.  I enjoyed every page and was pulling for these woman from the very beginning to realize their dreams and goals and find their happy places.

Ms.Baratz-Logsted gave me a wonderful escape for a day and in the end, even I felt I was a part of The Sisters Club.  Thank you, Ms.Baratz-Logsted, for writing these women’s stories…I truly enjoyed it!


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Lauren Baratz-Logsted Bio:

Author PhotoLauren Baratz-Logsted is the author of over 25 books for adults, teens (including The Twin’s Daughter and Little Women and Me0, and children (The Sisters 8, a nine-book series she created with her husband and daughter). Before becoming an author, Lauren was an independent bookseller, freelance editor, Publishers Weekly reviewer, sort-of librarian and window washer. She lives with her family in Danbury, CT. Visit her at www.laurenbaratzlogsted.com or follow her @LaurenBaratzL on Twitter.






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