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When desire sets you free…control is a matter of perception.

I’m Devin Hill.

Darkness taints my soul.

I’m suffocating. Drowning.

The sweet promise of air? Pure illusion.

Tested as a genius at age seven, I hide my emotions, become what they expect…bury my secrets. At nineteen, I trudge toward a predestined path, blinders on, heart safeguarded.

Until I dare to be wild.

Until Alec Marquez crashes into my world.

Until all that follows redefines everything I’ve ever known.

What happens when you stumble into a world of spies…and discover you belong there?


My Review:

The Espionage Effect is the newest work from the dynamic writing duo of Kat Bastion and Stone Basti0n and took me on one hell of a suspenseful and sexy ride. I loved it!

Ok…now I can’t give too much away in this review because this is a journey you really need to experience as you read. And I will envy all of you for being able to experience those twists and turns for the first time!

Devin Hill is a bona-fide genius. Her parents are as well. They all used to be happy until a traumatizing event happened when she was a child. Now, Devin has built walls up that no one is capable of breaking down. She has learned to take care of herself in any type of situation and can handle just about anything thrown her way. But the one thing she really needs is to just let go for, even if for a few days. Which leads her, and her best friend, to a tropical beach with visions of cocktails and beach reading on the horizon. That all changes when the handsome and mysterious Alec Marquez literally crashes into her world. Everything changes from that very moment and what seemed to be a relaxing vacation turns into a mission to save lives….including their own.

Oh my, this book was amazing! Equal parts sexy and suspenseful there was mystery and tons of smoldering heat. I adore Kat and Stone’s writing and by far this is my favorite book of theirs yet. I was nervous for Devin and her getting hurt, both emotionally and physically, and I wasn’t sure who she should be trusting. I wanted her to trust Alec but I just wasn’t sold. He is sexy and mysterious and kept me guessing and I loved it. The plot of this story was phenomenal. It was well thought out and complex but not overly done. The shocking twists that happened at the end knocked my socks off!

If you’re looking for a fresh, exciting, sexy, and suspense filled read with two dynamic characters, this is the book for you! Thank you Kat and Stone for one hell of a read! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

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About the authors:

Kat Bastion won several awards for her bestselling debut novel Forged in Dreams and Magick.

Kat and Stone Bastion’s bestselling first novel No Weddings and the No Weddings series were named Best of 2014 by several romance review blogs.

When not defining love and redemption through scribed words, they enjoy spending their time mountain biking and hiking in the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona.
Stay in touch with them on their social media pages:

Kat’s Twitter: twitter.com/KatBastion
Stone’s Twitter: twitter.com/StoneBastion
Blog: www.talktotheshoe.com
Website: www.katbastion.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Kat-Stone-Bast…


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