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Determined to forget her ex-fiancé and gather the remains of her betrayed heart, Charisma Claiborne scrapes together her hard earned pennies for a dream trip to Las Vegas.  On her first day in town, she has an accident with an eccentric casino owner.  Enthralled by his good looks, she falls into his bed for a steamy one night stand.
But Hunt Blackwater is more than a mysterious, gorgeous casino owner.  Rumors of a Native American curse and a string of inexplicable deaths follow in his wake – but the most terrifying is his ability to reach right into Charisma’s soul and make her want the things she’s convinced herself she can do without.
Unwilling to get in over her head, Charisma cuts her trip short and returns home, but trouble seems to follow her.  With remembered whispers of curses in her ears and the lingering smell of death in her nose, she wonders if she is his next victim.  Things go from puzzling to harrowing as Charisma comes face to face with the greatest betrayal she could ever imagine.
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Sealed in Blood is a very quick read and doesn’t leave you hanging.

I must say I was floored at how quickly things transpired and how Charisma acted after her first initial bump in with Hunt.  But I didn’t let that deter me from continuing the story.
Charisma is a charming young woman just trying to enjoy life.  She visits and old friend in Vegas and things from there don’t go so well.  Let’s just say that Charisma is definitely put through the gauntlet.
Hunt is definitely a very dominant man and doesn’t hide that.  When it comes to Charisma, there is a pull to her that he understands but has to somehow explain to her and not push her away.
I enjoyed the plot and how quickly everything unfolded.  I personally enjoy a story that has more depth and detail to it.  However, this book was made to be a quick read and Jenna does a good job of keeping the book moving along at a great pace.
And I enjoyed that I wasn’t left hanging at the end of the book.  I rather enjoyed how Jenna ended the book and found myself smiling.
About the Author
Jenna Fox is a multi-published author of erotic romance residing in Eastern Tennessee. Besides juggling a busy family life, Fox reviews and critiques for other authors and crafts her own dark erotic tales. Stories always feature a mysterious alpha male with unexpected twists to shock the reader. She believes in HFN and HEA endings, although not always in a romantic or conventional way.
Her work is born from real life experiences, an overactive imagination and a consuming caffeine addiction.  Fox is a listener of bad-ass music and a watcher of classic slasher films. In short, she’s a multi-tasker – a writer, a storyteller, able to make a boo-boo all better with just one kiss and a proud, world class expert at screwing up recipes and scaring away closet monsters.  She believes in ghosts and God and is absolutely convinced chocolate soothes the savage beast.
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