Special Event…Rakes on Holiday

Rakes on Holiday

Summer is upon us! Here to celebrate and tell us about their ideal summer day are notable rakes Dominic Ransleigh (The Rake to Reveal Her by Julia Justiss); Lord Boyce Parker (When a Rake Falls by Sally Orr) John Fitzhugh Barrett; Lord Hartley (Never Resist a Rake by Mia Marlowe); and Haviland North, Viscount Amersham (Rake Most Likely to Rebel by Bronwyn Scott).


The Rake to Reveal HerDominic Ransleigh (The Rake to Reveal Her):

My ideal day would start early in the morning, visiting the horses in the stables, evaluating the results of the latest breeding programs. The afternoon may see a dip in the chilly waters of the Channel, unfortunately only in the company of other gentlemen, since the ladies visit the waters separately. In the evenings, I like to dine with a charming lady, take her to a ball or the opera, and then see where our inclinations lead us…






9781492602149Lord Boyce Parker (When a Rake Falls):

To begin my day, I wake, a necessity of little notice. Then make love to my wife, Eve, until the sun fully illuminates the sky and our hearts become one. Eat several meals, a necessity of need. Next perform my duties as a man; run the estate, swing an axe, hammer iron, walk ten miles, practice boxing, and then bathe and dress for dinner. Spend the meal speaking in the code of lovers. Eve has a great appreciation for wit and the sly remark. Yes, yes, a clever innuendo or two is as appealing to her as a good pudding.






9781492602712John Fitzhugh Barrett, Lord Hartley (Never Resist a Rake):

I mentioned before that the grounds of Somerfield Park are dotted with a number of follies. In case you are unfamiliar with such, allow me to explain. They are recreations of partial buildings from other places and times, only in “ruin” form. Hence the Greek folly has the appearance of an ancient amphitheatre. However, there is one actual ruin on the place—the remains of the original fortress and chapel built by the first Marquess of Somerset. Vines have overtaken the crumbling stone and hundred year old oaks stand defiantly in the middle of the sanctuary.

An ideal summer day would include exploring this old site with Miss Kearsey to culminate in a picnic luncheon. We would need a blanket to spread our feast out upon, of course. What we do on that blanket after our repast is finished is no one’s business but our own.



Viscount Amersham (Rake Most Likely to Rebel):

23705411Making love to my wife at sunrise in our big bed in the Leodegrance home in Paris or in Fontainebleau—we have a big bed in both places and we are early risers. Then, she and I practice our fencing in the grand salon, it’s more private than practicing at the salle d’armes on the Rue St. Marc, and since it’s still early in the day it’s cool too, the heat hasn’t set in. Afterwards, we breakfast on the terrace with hot coffee and fresh croissants.

If I don’t have to go into the salle, or if we’re in Fontainebleau, we’ll go riding in the woods, picnic by a stream or at some ruins, laze away the afternoon reading out loud to one another on a picnic blanket or fish, just for an excuse to take our shoes and some of our clothes off. We have been known to skinny dip. A perfect night includes dinner beneath the stars if we’re in the country or if we’re in town, dining at a little bistro and an open air carriage ride on the way home to our big bed where we end the day as we started it.



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