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The Maltese Falcon was no mere legend—this fabulously jewelled golden bird really existed. Still exists, according to the last words of a dying man. Ayesha Ryder is on its trail, but not just to find the Falcon itself. It is said to contain a clue to the lost burial place of King Harold of England, a potent symbol for ruthless politicians determined to break up the UK and create a new, independent English Kingdom. The Falcon may also contain a second clue, one that few would believe.

Labelled an assassin, hunted by Scotland Yard and Dame Imogen Worsely of MI5—as well as those who want the Falcon and its secrets for themselves—Ayesha joins forces with Joram Tate, the mysterious librarian known to her friend Lady Madrigal, a one-time lover of Lawrence of Arabia. As Ayesha’s attraction to Tate grows, they follow clues left by long-dead knights to the tomb of a Saxon king and to the ruined Battle Abbey. When the trail leads them to a stunning secret hidden for a thousand years beneath an English castle, Ayesha must battle modern killers with medieval weapons before confronting the evil that would destroy her nation.


My Review:

Ryder: Bird of Prey is the third book in author Nick Pengelley’s Ryder series and after loving the preceding two stories, I was so excited to read this newest installment. Well, Mr. Pengelley didn’t disappoint. This was another exciting adventure in the life of a kick ass heroine!

Ryder’s latest adventure takes her on the hunt for the Maltese Falcon…and will put her on the path not only for treasure and clues, but for the culprit in the attempted assassination of the UK Prime Minister, and Ryder’s friend, Susanna Armstrong.

I loved everything about this story and felt it may be Mr. Pengelley’s best so far. This story was not only suspenseful and thrilling, but it was also sexier and grittier than the others and I loved that. There was the hunt for a legendary treasure and unearthing clues, dark political agendas, and a possible love interest for Ryder that all had me dying to see what was coming next and turning pages to read more. I already knew Ryder was totally kick ass in a Lara Croft meets Indiana Jones kind of way, but for some reason she really shined in this book.

I also loved seeing my fave martini drinking dame, Lady Madrigal, again.

But, hands down, my favorite part of this story was the twist at the end that in a million years I never saw coming. It was shocking and beyond emotional and I really felt for Ryder.  I can’t imagine all of the turmoil she was going through at the moment of this reveal. My lips are sealed, of course, but I know you will be just as shocked as I was!

Thank you, Mr. Pengelley, for once again giving us a truly fantastic adventure with Ryder!



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About the author:

unnamed-9Nick Pengelley cites many influences on his writing. Readers of “Ryder” will not be surprised that authors like H. Rider Haggard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, John Buchan and Peter O’Donnell figure prominently. He is a fan of the ripping yarns of the inter-war years – by writers such as Sapper, Dornford Yates, Edgar Wallace and Leslie Charteris. His more modern favourites include Umberto Eco (particularly “The Name of the Rose”), Alan Furst, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman and Elizabeth Kostova (“The Historian”). Nicholas reads a “book or so” a week (and is horrified to think that, if he lives to be 200, he may only get to read 10,000). These days, although he still reads fiction, he is mainly interested in modern European and Middle Eastern history, and biography, having discovered some years ago that truth really is stranger than fiction. He lists his heroes, literary adventurers all, as Winston Churchill, T.E. Lawrence, Gertrude Bell and Teddy Roosevelt

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