Going Alternative: Mina Vaughn, author of How To Punish Your Playboy, stops by for a Guest Post


Going Alternative

By Mina Vaughn


Anyone who has read my Domme-Nation series knows I’m no stranger to mixing things up. My heroines are Dominant, my heroes are swoony but not pushovers, and I tackle some unique topics like role play and…college basketball?

But in How to Punish Your Playboy, I take the alternative to a different level. Not only is my heroine a Domme, but she’s inked up and curvy. I wrote a modern-day pin up Domme and I could not be happier with her. Friends, meet Veronika Kane.

Veronika’s tired of her old life’s routine, so she sells her ex’s fancy car and plans on heading to Vegas for a pin up contest, but what she doesn’t expect to be bringing with her is an arrogant restaurateur who tempts her constantly.

I wanted Veronika to be different from my other heroines. I wanted her to be more human, but in some ways, more daring than my other protagonists. She’s got body issues like everyone else, but she also has a unique look and confidence I wanted to embrace a curvaceous and tatted up hottie.

Aston is a great match and also foil for Veronika because he’s from a conservative household of restaurateurs and he’s totally spoiled. They both have a lot to learn from each other. Aston teaches Veronika it’s ok to indulge, and Veronika loosens Aston up and sets him free from his family and his old life.

I hope everyone is excited for a whole lot of sexytimes and some delicious foodie goodness!


~ Thanks so much for stopping by, Mina!  xo Jillian 


About How To Punish Your Playboy:

In this saucy and funny domination romance, pin-up model Veronika Kane meets sexy, arrogant Aston Delano and decides to teach this playboy a lesson he’ll never forget.

When Veronika Kane hears that she’s up for Miss Pin Up Las Vegas, she auctions off her classic hot-rod and decides to head out west. But when the man who bought her car, hot restaurateur Aston Delano, asks her to “show him the ropes,” his not-so-innocent question takes them down a surprising, sexy road. And as they travel cross-country as Domme/sub, their chemistry sizzles—as do the luscious meals Aston creates.

Torn between the rediscovered pleasure of food and worry about staying in competition shape, Mistress Veronika unexpectedly finds herself as much a pupil as a teacher. Throw in long-distance trouble from her ex and from Aston’s family, and it’s a potential recipe for disaster. A road trip can be hard on any relationship—will this drive them apart, or will they buckle in for the long haul?

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About the author:

Kink with a wink! Author of DommeNation series with Simon & Schuster. How to Discipline Your Vampire and How to Reprimand Your Rock Star available now! How to Punish Your Playboy drops Spring 2015.

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