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Finally, an erotic & romantic story of real people, facing the challenges of real life, and searching for the one true love we all dream of finding…

Lauren is a newly-single mother carrying the weight of a well-guarded secret while trying desperately to make sense of her new role and being on her own.  Adam is a single father, with a powerful past, now struggling to find his place in the world.  Together, they are the right people falling in love at the wrong time.

‘Walk Through My Door’ is the sexually-charged story of one man who’s willing to give anything for true love, except give up, and one woman fighting to make the right decision between the man who held her heart for so long and the man with whom she’s now deeply fallen for.

Adam and Lauren form an unimaginable bond which leads to a romantic, highly erotic, and heartfelt adventure through the struggles and challenges of life, with both hoping to find nothing more than their one true love at the other end of this beautiful journey.

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No billionaires, tattooed bad boys, or beautifully proportioned models….just real people!

Anthony’s goal with ‘Walk Through My Door’ is to give you a story you can feel to the very depths of your soul. He tapped into those common traits, hopes, dreams, and insecurities found in all of us to create a pair of leading characters who are real. You’ll see yourself in Lauren as you feel her happiness and her struggles. As for Adam, let’s just say your new book-boyfriend is waiting to meet you!



“Whatever! My soccer-mom mini-van rocks. Now, since I didn’t welch on our bet, and I did exactly what I was supposed to do, do I get my prize?”

I knew exactly what she was referring to, but I couldn’t give in that easily. “And what prize is that?” I asked.

She placed the tip of her index finger on my chest and slowly dragged it down my button-line as she said, “I want my Longer Than Necessary Lingering Hug.”

I stepped even closer to her, placing my hands on her hips and slowly sliding them around to her back. I moved in until our bodies were pressed together. As I grabbed her tightly around her lower back, she wrapped her arms around my neck. We both pulled the other in tight and just held one another in the vacant parking lot.

Lauren started to release her grip, and I pulled her tighter and whispered in her ear, “Not yet.” She responded only by hugging me tighter than I had been hugged in a very long time.

I softly kissed her neck, and I kissed again, only slightly higher toward her ear. I then gently kissed her cheek, inching closer to her lips with each kiss, until she suddenly turned her head for our lips to delicately meet.

I tenderly kissed her lips as I brushed my thumb along her cheek bone. I don’t think I was able to kiss her lips more than three or four times before we erupted into a passionate, beautiful kiss. I felt like I was on a plummeting roller coaster, with my stomach dropping as our tongues met for the first time. Never in my life had I felt a kiss like this, and the intensity grew with each fleeting second.

She placed her hands flat against my chest, touching me as our lips and tongues drove each other wild. I lowered my hand and groped her through her dress. I realized we were in an open parking lot, but my lust commandeered all control of my senses. I placed my hand under her dress and firmly caressed the back of her leg until I reached her smooth ass. I slid my hand under her panties, and she raised her knee, rubbing the inside of her thigh against my leg.

“Adam, I want you,” she softly groaned.

Squeezing the grip my hand had on her ass was my only response, and my other hand, which was on her ribs, moved up to her breasts.

“Oh my God, I want you,” she groaned again. “But I can’t.”

“Don’t do anything you aren’t ready for,” I reluctantly said.

At that moment, I wanted her more than anything, but I also didn’t want her to do anything she wasn’t fully comfortable with. I wanted her badly, but I also wanted her to take her time.

“I’m sorry, but I’m married.”

“But you’re separated, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” she said. “But I am still married. I want this to be right, in every way. There’s something about you; I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about you that just feels so right. Everything about you feels right, and I really don’t want to risk ruining this.”

“There’s something about you, too,” I told her. “And I definitely don’t want you to fuck this up.”

“Thank you,” she said with a sigh of relief. “But I like the way I worded it a little bit better.”

“You say tomato, and I say tomato,” I said, now realizing that the line made a lot more sense in our verbal dialogue than it does written here. I went on, “Can I just ask you one thing?”

“You can ask me anything, Adam.”

I gave her a devilish smirk and a sly wink as I asked, “Would a blowjob fuck it up?”

“Some….. thing…. else!” she chuckled. “Remind me again why I like you?”

“Aha! You just admitted you like me!”

“I do, a lot!” she whispered with a final soft kiss on my lips. “But I’m about to turn back into a pumpkin, as, you so eloquently put it, even though I think it’s the carriage that turned back into a pumpkin and not Cinderella.”

“You’re seriously correcting me, Miss Livingstone?”

“Good night, Mister Smart-ass,” she said as she opened the door to her mini-van and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Good night. Text me when you’re home, so I know you’re safe,” I said as I closed the door for her.

I started walking back to my own car, and I wasn’t more than ten or fifteen feet from Lauren’s mini-van when she lowered the window and called to me, “Adam!” She paused for a moment and continued, “I like you,” as I looked back to her.

“I like you, too, Lauren.”

I got home and set my keys on the kitchen counter just as I was receiving her text: “I’m home safe. Can’t wait to dream of you. XOX!”

What an amazing night, I thought. What an incredible and fucking amazing night!




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Author bio:

Born and raised in In the United Kingdom, Anthony Bryan now resides in the United States where he is tenaciously pursuing his writing career. His hope, more than anything, is that his words can provide you with a temporary escape from reality, and he hopes they take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. His goal is to give you something different, refreshing and unlike anything you’ve ever read. His writing is designed to target certain emotions and hit them like never before – love, anticipation, thrill, suspense, angst, revenge, lust, and so on. Each story grabs a different set of feelings and refuses to let go. So, find your favorite reading spot, pour yourself a drink (or two) and love every second of every page he writes… After all, he writes them for you!

At 29 years old, Anthony served with the American military in Afghanistan, and he is a combat veteran as well as an accomplished fighter who is still training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. He may not seem like your typical erotic-romance writer, and he’s not. He’s different, and his work is different. He wouldn’t have it any other way, and he’s dying to take you on the ride of your life!

What are you waiting for? Get to know him, and you’ll quickly see there is no one out there quite like

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