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An innocent beauty looking for answers turns to a detective looking for vengeance

One day. One town. Three missing women. Things like this didn’t happen in Culpepper. Except that they had—once before. Eleven years ago, young Braydon Thatcher was unable to stop a tragic murder, one that hit painfully close to home. Now a detective, Braydon can’t help but notice the eerie similarities between the two crimes. But he has to focus on the present and keep distractions to a minimum. Distractions like Sophia Hardwick, who crashes into town like a Florida thunderstorm, demanding to know where her missing sister is. The attraction between them is nearly his undoing. But he has to protect her, because it’s clear someone is resurrecting ghosts in order to punish Braydon. And if he lets his emotions for Sophia get the best of him, she could become yet another victim…


My review:

Manhunt is the debut work from author Tyler Anne Snell and was a thrilling and suspenseful freshman novel. A true who-done-it leading up to a twist at the ending, I was on the edge of my seat from the very first page.

Detective Braydon Thatcher and Sophia Hardwick are thrown together by the worst of circumstances…the disappearance of three local women, one of which was Sophia’s sister, Lisa. It’s that disappearance that leads Sophia into Braydon’s town and into his life where they will form a bond while working to get to the bottom of this mystery and hopefully find these women alive. Braydon never expected that his past would play a part in this investigation and when he realizes who is responsible for these kidnappings, and murder, it may be too late…not just for the three missing women, but for Sophia as well.

Wow, this book really kept me in a white-knuckled grip on my e-reader! From the very beginning, we are thrown into the investigation and mystery surrounding these women and detective. I loved the immediate relationship Sophia and Braydon form when she marches into his office and demands not just answers, but that she will be along for the ride as he finds those answers. Braydon is a determined and focused man who also knows not to make Sophia any more riled up than she already was. Smart man, that detective! Sophia is a total spitfire who refuses to sit back like a wall flower. I really enjoyed her personality and determination to find her sister, no matter what the cost. Now, as for the actual crime, I thought it was really well done with a background that makes this mystery even more diabolical and nerve-wracking. Even though I had an idea as to who was responsible, there was a twist at the end that totally threw me for a loop and I love that in a story!

Overall, if you like a good mystery with a dash of romance, this should be on your to-read list. Thank you, Tyler, for one heck of a thrilling read!


Three-and-a-Half Loves

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About the author:

Tyler Anne Snell writes and reads a little bit of everything but has a soft spot for thrillers, mysteries, and sexual tension. When she isn’t writing or reading, she’s re-watching her favorite TV series or playing video games. The first book she finished in one sitting was a Harlequin Intrigue. It taught her to appreciate the power of a good book.

Tyler lives in Florida with her same-named beau and their mini lions.

Visit her: www.tylerannesnell.com.

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