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Sometimes the past can haunt you…

Eighteen years ago, FBI profiler Evelyn Baine s best friend, Cassie Byers, disappeared, the third in a series of unsolved abductions. Only a macabre nursery rhyme was left at the scene, a nursery rhyme that claimed Evelyn was also an intended victim. Now, after all these years of silence, another girl has gone missing in South Carolina, and the Nursery Rhyme Killer is taking credit. But is Cassie s abductor really back, or is there a copycat at work?

Sometimes the past is best forgotten…

Evelyn has waited eighteen years for a chance to investigate, but when she returns to Rose Bay, she finds a dark side to the seemingly idyllic town. As the place erupts in violence and the kidnapper strikes again, Evelyn knows this is her last chance. If she doesn t figure out what happened to Cassie eighteen years ago, it may be Evelyn s turn to vanish without a trace.


My review:

Vanished is the second book in author Elizabeth Heiter’s The Profiler Series and the first that I have read. Well, I can say after delving into this pulse pounding and suspenseful world, this will certainly NOT be my last!

FBI profiler Evelyn Baine has never been able to forget the night that forever changed her life eighteen years ago. The night that put her on the path to her current position in the FBI. She was determined to do all that was in her power to make sure no other family ever went through what her best friend’s family went through when her best friend was abducted that night, eighteen years ago. Evelyn never expected that she would be working on the very case that changed her. But here she was in her hometown, looking at the distinct possibility that the kidnapper was back and targeting new children. She shouldn’t be here. She shouldn’t be working on this case with such a conflict of interest…but there was no way in hell she would stay away. She would solve this case, not just for her long-lost friend, but for the new victims, and to make damn sure it never happened in this town again.

Wow. Talk about one hell of a thrill ride! As we follow the amazing and determined Evelyn Blaine through her ups and downs working on a case that hits so close to home for her, I was pulled in so many different directions. I was emotional when she recalled her missing childhood friends, I was angry when she encounters ill will from the local police in her hometown, and I was torn on who I suspected as the kidnapper. At first there are two main suspects I kept throwing my suspicion toward, but then there is another addition to the line-up and I was truly torn until the very end. I absolutely love that in a book! And when the mystery is finally brought to an end? Whoa. I never saw it coming. Kudos to Ms. Heiter for keeping me guessing and on the edge of my seat!

Thrilling, suspenseful, and emotional, Vanished is the whole package! Thank you, Elizabeth, for giving me a new series to put on my list!


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About the author:

ELIZABETH HEITER likes her suspense to feature strong heroines, chilling villains, psychological twists, and a little bit (or a lot!) of romance. Her research has taken her into the minds of serial killers, through murder investigations, and onto the FBI Academy’s shooting range.

Her suspense series, The Profiler novels, have received critical acclaim. BookReporter called her debut HUNTED “a thriller that grabs readers from the first page” and Fresh Fiction said the sequel VANISHED “is a fast paced thriller that keeps the reader on the edge of the seat.” Her romantic suspense series, The Lawmen series, will release in early 2015.

Elizabeth graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English Literature. She’s a member of International Thriller Writers and Romance Writers of America. You can also find Elizabeth on Facebook at www.facebook.com/elizabeth.heiter.author

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