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Driven By Fate releases today!

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The first rule is obey… and she already broke it.

Francesca “Frankie” De Luca always pays her debts. Even when it means stepping inside Serve, the sensuous Manhattan club that caters to particular adult desires. For Frankie, it’s a taste of something she’s always wanted—and never received. Until a sharply dressed Brit orders her into his room, and instructs her to undress before delivering the carnal punishment she so desperately needs…

She wasn’t the woman Porter Evans was expecting. Not this wild thing with the pale, silvery eyes. And such cheek. But she violates Porter’s strict rules of control. Temptation is a dangerous thing indeed. Yet everything about Frankie cries out for schooling about the tantalizing interplay of pleasure and pain. So Porter offers Frankie a deal she can’t refuse—and the only thing she owes him is submission…


My review:

Driven By Fate is the fifth book in the Serve Series, the third in the series written by author Tessa Bailey, and focuses on Frankie and Porter. We’ve briefly met these two in the earlier books and I have been dying to dig into their story. Well, I can say that it was worth the wait and lived up to all of the delicious expectations I had.

If there’s one word people would use to describe Frankie DeLuca it would probably be formidable. Not meant in a negative sense, but in a sense that she always worked for what she had. She was strong and determined and didn’t take crap from anyone. She had her dreams ahead of her and will do whatever it takes to see those dreams come to fruition. Those dreams included owning a business that would cater to women and get them from place to place without the fear of becoming a victim after a girls night out…a cab company with all cabs driven by women.

Being in the taxi business she understood the misgivings women had sometimes and she wanted to do something about it. She was tough as nails and can handle most men, but there were plenty of women who were the complete opposite. She saw opportunity there. Now she just needed the funds to get the business off the ground. That should be her sole focus right now, not the sexy Brit she had a chance encounter with. Now he seems to be the only thing she can focus on. Him and his dominating ways. She had never taken orders from anyone, but with him she felt she wanted to and that scared the hell out of her. She wanted him with a need that defied anything she’d ever known. And he wanted her as well. So much so that he offers her a chance to realize her dreams…investing in her cab company.

Most of you know I’m a huge fan of Tessa’s work and always look forward to seeing what she comes up with next. She never ceases to amaze me. This book was no exception. Frankie and Porter’s story had a different feel than most of her other books and it was sublime. Frankie is tough and sharp and is just figuring out who she is. That includes being dominated in the bedroom.  That, obviously, is at odds with the face she puts on for the rest of the world. She’s used to being the only woman in a man’s field and is ok with it…but the hardness she’s had to gain over the years gets tiring at times. Sometimes she just wants to let go. That’s where Porter comes in. Oh, my, Porter. Steely, dominating, sexy, Porter. He is just as indomitable as Frankie but in a way that compliments her beautifully. Two hard-headed people, used to working hard and getting their way, fighting for the upper hand in their encounters can only add up to some combustible and heated moments. And oh, yes, it does. It adds up to heat that only Tessa Bailey can write.

Of course, both Porter and Frankie find a softer side that only shines for one another and it was so amazing. It was beautiful to see the change in both of them and to see their relationship blossom into so much more than just sex. The ending of this story had me crying sappy tears and made me love Porter even more *dreamy sigh*

Once again, Tessa Bailey delivers sensuous heat, delicious dirty talk, and raw emotion with Driven By Fate. Thank you, Tessa, for yet another amazing read!


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About the author:

highres-MJB_5140.jpgTessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days.

Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention.

She now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband of seven years and three-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

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