Harlequin Romance January “Me Time” Blog Tour: Bon Appétit and a Book featuring Fonseca’s Fury by Abby Green


I am beyond excited to be a part of The Harlequin Romance January “Me Time” Blog Tour!  

Throughout this month I will have a few fun features and one review that all tie into a Harlequin Romance title.  How much fun is that?

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Today’s post is:

Bon Appétit and a Book

featuring Fonseca’s Fury by Abby Green 


A fiery romance novel deserves a flaming cocktail to accompany it and USA Today bestselling author Abby Green’s new tale, FONSECA’S FURY, is no exception. The book has the perfect ingredients for a steamy love story—a Brazilian stud who happens to be a billionaire, a sweet and charitable heroine and a passionate anger that ignites them both. This cocktail is FONSECA’S FURY in liquid form.




The Flaming Fonseca

1 oz. Dark Rum

2 oz. Pineapple Juice

2 oz. Apple Juice

½ oz. Bacardi 151

Gold Cocktail Rim Sugar





Run a lime along the rim of a highball glass and dip into gold cocktail rim sugar to coat. Pour dark rum, pineapple juice and apple juice into the glass and float Bacardi 151 on top and carefully light the top layer using a long match.


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Harlequin sells more than 100 million romance, young adult, adult fiction and nonfiction books annually worldwide—approximately three books per second—making Harlequin a publishing powerhouse. Harlequin books are sold in 102 international markets on six continents with more than 6.38 billion books shipped around the world. Approximately one in every six mass-market paperbacks sold in North America is a Harlequin novel. More than one-third of American females have read a book published by Harlequin Enterprises at some point in their lives.

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