Charlotte’s Secrets: Demon Love by Maryam Malik…Book Spotlight & Excerpt



As the Dark Ages reign over England, Julian an ordinary village boy is condemned for Charlotte’s mysterious murder, his wife and to his surprise—a princess of royal blood. Oblivious of the presence of a centuries old demon, Julian is imprisoned in Elijah’s inescapable dungeon where he waits for the injustice of a gruesome death. But when the young man is rescued at the hands of an unexpected guardian…he learns of his role as salvatoris liberet—the single truth that will alter his destiny forever. As alliances form, secrets unfold, and enemies reveal themselves, Julian must decide who to trust and how far he is willing to go for the only woman he’s ever loved.


He came wildly, racing toward me with all his might. He swung his weapon above his head, aiming the sharp spikes at my jaw. Tensely, I sucked in a deep breath of air. There was not a weapon in reach and Watson was no more than a drunken man chattering away. I was alone and helpless, but the sight of the beautiful face watching me from the distance was all the strength I needed.

Quickly, I grabbed the empty glass of booze Watson sipped out of and waited for the barbaric man to pounce in my direction. The metal flail ripped through the air and to my luck—missed my face by almost an inch. The rage enriched man was still a few feet away but his weapon was now stuck in the wooden table beside me. Relived, I raced forth, said a prayer under my breath and without much control over my actions— planted the glass hard against his temple.

It must’ve taken all the strength in my body, all the force I never thought I had. Gasps filled the room and jaws dropped to their knees. The astonished man stared at me, defenseless. Blood dripped from the sides of his head as his eyes rolled back into their sockets. Suddenly, a large thump shook the ground below. Laughter and dancing again prevailed. Watson rose to hug me, “well that serves him just right,” he cheerfully patted my back and once again joined the crowd in merry. I looked down at the large man who lay unconscious next to my feet, and then at his companions who hurried away in fright.

I stood at ease as the elegant beauty took a few steps in my direction. In all fairness, her grace overlooked all the fascination the world had to offer. I was drawn to her like a slave to his master. I felt as if she was the one I had been waiting for all my life. And she felt something too. I could see it in the gentle smile that slowly broke out on her face. And in those few moments, as I gazed into her soul…the world did not matter. Nothing felt the same. Nothing could ever be the same. Warmth and affection surged through me, teasing me, for it was the very first time such emotions had ever flooded my body. They swam in my blood, tickling the tips of my fingers and causing my stomach to twist and turn in knots. I wanted to kneel before her and ask her to be mine forever. I needed to know how blissful it would feel to hold her in my arms. I was desperate to learn her name. Slowly, I walked toward her, standing so close that only a few inches of air kept our bodies from touching. She stared at me with her glowing honey colored eyes, comforted by my presence. And on that strange October night, I made her a promise I would never forget to honor— “I will protect you,” I spoke. The words sounded as beautiful as I intended them to be. “Always and forever.”


Charlotte’s Secrets is available in both paperback and E-book formats. You may purchase a copy by visiting www.authormaryammalik.com or Barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com. E-book may be downloaded on the Kindle, Nook, or Apple’s iBook store for only $4.99.


About Maryam

MMMaryam Malik lives in New Jersey with her family of seven. She is an obsessed coffee lover and a traveler by heart. She loves exploring different foods, cultures and kindly asks if anyone discovers a portal leading into a world of all things fiction, please be sure to tweet her the location.

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Website: www.authormaryammalik.com

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