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Full Blaze


When Australian helicopter pilot Jeannie Clark rescues wildfire photographer Cal Jackson from a raging burnover, she doesn’t know she’s bringing aboard a firebrand. Cal is quickly recruited for MHA’s covert operations that reach far beyond the flames. Together Jeannie and Cal are assigned to an overseas operation with a lot more at risk than burning trees. And they’ll need all the skill, love, and trust they can muster if they’re going to survive the heat of this jungle battle.


My review:

Full Blaze is the third book in author M.L. Buchman’s Firehawks Series and the first in this series that I’ve read. I’m a huge fan of Mr. Buchman’s work from his Night Stalker Series and was so excited to get my hands on an early copy of Full Blaze and in true M.L. fashion, this book was thrilling, suspenseful, and super sexy. I loved it!

Female Aussie pilot Jeannie Clark had more than a few choice words for the photographer she was currently rescuing in the middle of her battle against a raging wildfire. Almost as soon as he is in her chopper, one of those choice words was: sexy. But no matter how good-looking he was, it didn’t take away her annoyance at having to pluck him for the fire’s grasp. Even more annoying to her was when she found out he wasn’t just a photog, but also a red card-carrying firebrand. Since her team needed all the help they could get with this fire, it looked like he would be sticking around. A distraction she really didn’t need, especially since on top of being sexy he was also kind and funny and was wearing down her annoyance as fast as the fire was eating up acres. If she didn’t keep her distance she knew her annoyance would grow to attraction and at this moment in time, she had a job to do. So when the head of their operation teams him up with her, to fly with her and use his expertise, she knows she’s so screwed.

Fate couldn’t have intervened better than she did the moment Cal realized he had been rescued…not only at the last second, but by a beautiful Australian pilot. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She was beauty and grace and was one hell of a pilot. He had never seen anything like her and damn if he didn’t want to get to know her better. Now, after his rescue, they were teamed up and Cal sure hoped it was both on and off the mission. He felt a kinship with this group of people and hadn’t realized how much his life had been missing until her met Jeannie and this amazing group of pilots. Could he ever have the chance to be a part of their team? And Jeannie’s life?

Risking life and limb leads to a connection both Jeannie and Cal never could have dreamed they’d find. But with such a dangerous profession, will they be able to survive fires and dangerous missions in order to make a relationship work.

One of the things I like best about author Buchman’s writing is that it’s not as fluffy as some romantic suspense novels can be. I tend to find his writing enjoyable for that reason. His heroines are always tough as nails and inspiring to read. His heroes realize their partners are strong and independent and let the ladies in their lives be the tough chicks they are and I adore that about them. Even the guys know not to mess with their gals! Cal and Jeannie were no exception. Cal has had a rough life and he broke my heart when he opened up about his childhood. But I knew that past helped shape him into the man he was in this story. Kind, loyal, intuitive. Jeannie has had to bust her chops to get where she is today and her tenacity was admirable beyond measure. Together they make a couple that give and takes and balances out beautifully.

Another reason I loved this story was we got to see two of my favorite characters from the Night Stalker series and it was so great to read more of them!

Thank you, Mr. Buchman, for yet another pulse-pounding and sexy read! Keep them coming!


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Cal enjoyed the ride as they flew high over Santa Barbara, the Pacific Ocean stretching out to fill the horizon as they approached it. Jeannie had left him feeling immensely mellow. He’d never been with anyone who responded to him with such heat, nor offered it right back. And usually heat left him simply greedy for more. Jeannie doused the fires in him just as effectively as she did with her chopper, as if she’d somehow washed his insides clean as well.

Tell her, you idiot.

“You’re an incredible woman, Jeannie Clark of the dark-red hair.” He watched her as she checked something on her instrument panel, then adjusted their heading, ushc a tiny shift that he knew it was a delaying tactic. It was okay, he could wait. There were only the two of them and a breathtaking morning light aboard Jeannie’s Firehawk.


“Let’s see. Chronological or order of importance?”

“Give me a break, Hotshot.”

“Not a chance, Helitack. I could start by enumerating your womanly curves and just how much I enjoyed them last night.”

“And this morning.”

“Reverse chronological, then since we’re covering last night.”

She puttered and turned to glare at him.

“Watch your heading, Helitack,” he ordered her, though she hadn’t wiggled off her flight path in the slightest.

She continued to glare for a long moment before abruptly laughing and turning back forward.

Damn! Why were both of his cameras in the bag? That laugh had lit her up brighter than the morning sun. It was the first time he’d heard it up close rather than across half a camp, and it transformed her from merely incredible to downright magnificent. What in the hell was he doing presuming to even be aboard this woman’s chopper? He had no more qualifications to be here than… Cut it out, Cal. She invited you. That’s enough. Enough for now, anyway.


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Author Biography

MLBuchmanM.L. Buchman has over 25 novels in print. His military romantic suspense books have been named Barnes & Noble and NPR “Top 5 of the year” and Booklist “Top 10 of the Year.” In addition to romance, he also writes contemporaries, thrillers, and fantasy and science fiction.

In among his career as a corporate project manager he has: rebuilt and single-handed a fifty-foot sailboat, both flown and jumped out of airplanes, designed and built two houses, and bicycled solo around the world.

He is now a full-time writer, living on the Oregon Coast with his beloved wife. He is constantly amazed at what you can do with a degree in Geophysics. You may keep up with his writing at www.mlbuchman.com.


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