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Jingle all the Audio kicks off today and we are so excited! 



The holidays are just around the corner, which usually means busy schedules, overcrowded supermarkets and shopping malls, and an inevitable decrease in free time to pick up that latest from your favorite author. Don’t fret, Read-Love-Blog is dedicating the month of December to audiobooks and the narrators that make them a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle. Audiobooks can be the perfect companion this time of year. You can delve into the worlds of your favorite authors while cleaning the house for company, baking confections for social gatherings, or that long trip home for the holidays. Audiobooks have come a long way and are available through a multitude of outlets, including your local library.

A narrator can make or break an audiobook experience and a huge reason why seasoned readers run for the hills at first listen. But hopefully, Jingle All the Audio will entice you to give audiobooks another try. Every Monday this month, I will feature one or two narrators that I believe embody the best of the best, with a wide range of genres to choose from; cheeky mysteries, frightening science fiction phenomenon, kick-butt urban fantasy, and blissfully hopeless romance. At month’s end we will give one lucky follower a chance to choose an audiobook from any of the narrators featured.

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Today’s featured narrator is Katherine Kellgren who narrates the Royal Spyness series written by Rhys Bowen. Katherine is an award-winning narrator of over 200 audiobook. She navigates a wide range of accents and masters an abundance of voice inflections, making it easy for the listener to differentiate between characters, male and female alike. The Royal Spyness series is a collection of tongue-in-cheek mysteries centered around Lady Georgiana, thirty-fourth in line to the throne of England, who must find a means of supporting herself after the prospect of a disagreeable marriage is forced upon her.

You can listen to a sample of Her Royal Spyness, narrated by Katherine Kellgren here

Link to Katherine Kellgren’s Facebook

To be entered into the Jingle All the Audio Giveaway this week, name a confection you like to make or eat this coming holiday season in the comments. The sweeter the better!

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