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Denying the past proves deadly for BK Hartshaw and Trevor Mayhew in this gripping noir novel where nothing is as it seems. BK is a rising star at a public relations firm, and tonight’s charity ball should be a high point in her career. But a closely guarded secret threatens to destroy her chance for happiness with the only man she’s ever loved… a man who is also hiding a deadly secret. Trevor has tried to put the past behind him, pretending it never happened. But the conniving father he’s been running from for years has finally found him-and is determined to settle the score once and for all. BK and Trevor’s deeply buried secrets are about to catch up with them-and everyone they know and love. Who will pay the ultimate price for their dangerous denials?

“The sins of the parents are visited upon their children in this entertaining thriller. BK’s (short for Beatrice Karen) and Trevor’s lives collide when a charity ball erupts into violence. Tightly plotted suspenseful moments and a deftly-executed plot twist combine to keep readers holding onto this novel until the wee hours.” – Publisher’s Weekly (2008 ABNA review)


My Review:

Dangerous Denial is the first work from author Amy Ray and let me just say, what a fantastic debut it was! Thrilling, gut wrenching and emotional, this book had it all.

Dangerous Denial follows the childhoods of two different children who have similarly awful upbringings. Trevor Mayhew had a horribly abusive father who hated him with ever fiber of his being and took all his anger out on Trevor whenever he had the chance. Trevor’s mother tried to keep him as safe as possible, as often as she could, but when Trevor didn’t have her any longer, the only person he could rely on was his loving grandmother. The grandmother who had kept him safe and taught him what love really was. His grandmother would save him one night, and he would try his best to rebuild his life and bury his past once and for all. BK, while wasn’t abused physically, got her share of emotional abuse while growing up. Her mother and half-sister never missed a chance to make her feel less than both of them. Fat, ugly, nerdy. Once her mother got remarried, she was able to get out from under her thumb and head off to school where she could hopefully thrive. Eventually, fate will bring BK and Trevor together. The questions that remain are have they both been able to overcome their horrible pasts…are they capable of love and being loved?

Whew! This book was freaking amazing. Now, there is a HUGE twist that I can’t give even a teeny bit of away, but it is one of the best twists I’ve ever read. I felt so bad for Trevor and BK and their wretched childhoods. Trevor more than BK. That poor little boy was treated like trash and I felt so awful for him. I wanted to reach into the book and hug his poor beaten body. But I never lost hope that he would eventually get away from the abuse and have a good life. His grandmother was brave and loving and I admired her strength when it came to Trevor and standing up to his monster of a father. Poor BK was always put down, and in the worst ways for a young woman. It was always about her not measuring up and it damaged her self-esteem terribly. Luckily BK met a wonderful friend along the way and they forge a strong bond that BK needed. Now, I can’t tell you how Trevor and BK’s paths cross but I will leave you with this: nothing is as it seems.

The plot was packed with twists and turns and I was kept on the edge of my seat until the very end. I loved that and I loved the “whoa” moment author Ray wrote into this story. It was well done, with subtle hints along the way, all leading up to a fantastic ending.

Thank you, Amy! I will be looking forward to reading more of you in the future!

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About the author:

Amy Ray lives near the short but picturesque seacoast in New Hampshire with her husband and daughter. Before becoming a writer, she owned an old fashioned five and dime store where, in addition to regular priced merchandise, she had a display of items that actually retailed for five or ten cents each. When not writing, she has rediscovered the joy of tap dancing.

Dangerous Denial is her first novel. Her short story “All’s Fair” will be published later this year in Love Free or Die, the fourth book in the New Hampshire Pulp Fiction Series.


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  1. I love twists in my books! I’m so glad you particularly enjoyed this one! Thanks for being on the tour!

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