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The Flame releases Tuesday, November 11, 2014


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Cassidy Burke has the best of both worlds, a driven and successful husband and a wild, impulsive best friend. But after a decadent Mardi Gras party, Cassidy finds both men pulling away from her. Did the three of them awaken secret desires during a split-second of alcohol-fueled passion? Or is Mardi Gras a time when rules are meant to be broken without consequence?

Only one thing is for certain—the chill that’s descended over her marriage, and her most important friendship, will soon turn into a deep freeze if she doesn’t do something. And soon.


The invitation stares out at her from the window of a French Quarter boutique. The store’s owner claims to have no knowledge of the strange candle. But Cassidy can’t resist its intoxicating scent or the challenge written across its label in elegant cursive. With the strike of a match and one tiny flame, she will call forth a supernatural being with the ultimate power—the power to unchain the heart, the power to remove the fear that stands between a person and their truest desires.


My review:

The Flame is the first installment in a new series from author Christopher Rice as well as novella number 11 in the 1,001 Dark Nights Series. I am a new fan to Mr. Rice’s work and was so excited to read his first dip into the erotic pond and I can tell you, this story was beyond spectacular. Sexy, emotional, intriguing, and magical..it was all of that and more.

Cassidy Burke still can’t wrap her mind around the unexpected and erotic experience she shared with her husband and her best friend the other night at a Mardi Gras party. If she’s being honest, it’s more that she can’t get the sense of rightness over the exchange out of her mind. It also scared her half to death. All of these new feelings unearthed because of their kiss are new and, in a way, disarming. All she can keep coming back to, however, is how right it felt between them. Still trying to shake her feelings, she finds herself drawn to and entering a unique shop in the French Quarter. It’s in that store that she finds a candle that reminds her of the delicious scent of both her husband and best friend. It called to her in a way she couldn’t explained and after getting a very cryptic set of instructions from the shop owner, she leaves with the candle and a deep, hidden, hope that maybe what she is feeling also exists within her husband and best friend. Could there be a way they can all be as one? Armed with a candle and a her magical instructions, she was determined to find out…

Amazing. This story is truly amazing. Mr. Rice writes with such vivid detail and rich description that the reader is completely immersed in his world from the very first page. I could smell the decadent smells, picture the surroundings and sights, feel the turmoil within Cassidy and her uncertainty with the situation as well as her determination to explore it further. Her connection to both of the men in her life is strong and beautiful and I wanted desperately for there to be a way for the three of them to have a relationship. Together. I think I wanted it to work so badly because Mr. Rice did such a fantastic job at conveying the importance of the bond they all share. The deep ties and strong emotions when it came to their ties was done so beautifully. It’s those ties that make the heat between Cassidy, Andrew, and Shane so delectable. This is by far, one of the hottest novellas I’ve read and the bedroom scenes are done with heat and beauty…a combination that I think is hard to find these days, especially in a ménage. Sexy, smoking hot, beautifully described…totally delicious! I am so happy author Rice decided to delve into the world of erotic romance and I know this is the start of something amazing. I can’t wait to see where The Desire Exchange takes us!

Thank you, Mr. Rice, for a phenomenal story filled with magic, beauty, and delectable heat!

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About the author:

By the age of 30, Christopher Rice had published four New York Times bestselling thrillers, received a Lambda Literary Award and been declared one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive. His latest novel is THE HEAVENS RISE, a supernatural thriller about a young woman who is exposed to a mysterious parasite in the Louisiana swamp that gives her the power to control minds and unleash living nightmares. THE HEAVENS RISE is currently a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel. Together with his best friend, bestselling novelist Eric Shaw Quinn, Christopher recently launched his own Internet radio show. An outrageous and irreverent comedy variety program, THE DINNER PARTY SHOW WITH CHRISTOPHER RICE & ERIC SHAW QUINN streams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at TheDinnerPartyShow.com, with new live episodes premiering Sunday evenings at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific.

Christopher’s first novel, A DENSITY OF SOULS, was published when he was just 22. The controversial bestseller was greeted with a landslide of media attention, much of it due the fact that Rice’s mother is a legendary vampire chronicler who shares his last name. He served as a contributing columnist to The Advocate for many years and his additional criticisms and witticisms have been featured in The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Review of Books, Salon.com and his own Facebook page, which currently hails over 100,000 subscribers. The members of the InsightOut Book Club selected his novel BLIND FALL as one of the best novels of 2008, and his noir thriller LIGHT BEFORE DAY was hailed as a “book of the year” by mega-best selling thriller novelist (and Jack Reacher creator), Lee Child. His short fiction has been featured in the anthologies Thriller and Los Angeles Noir. He recently served on the board of directors of the West Hollywood Library Fund, which was instrumental in securing private funds to build a brand new state-of-the-art library in the heart of the city he now calls home.

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