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The Mistress Experiment releases November 5


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“A gentleman would get to know you patiently, intimately, before demanding anything of your body. Tonight, I’m not going to be a gentleman.”

For wealthy British surgeon Isaac Kimball, being the good guy comes naturally. Caring for Chicago’s poorest fills his days and keeps his other side—the dark one that craves sensuality and control—at bay. When Isaac is prevented from saving a charity he loves, an acquaintance offers him a proposition: transform a woman from the streets into a sophisticated mistress who can pass in London high society, in exchange for the charity’s salvation. A ridiculous suggestion until he realizes he knows the perfect woman—one with an understated sexuality and sharp wit that continually tempt his control.

Mila DePardo counts the days until she can get off the streets and put her criminal past behind her. When Dr. Kimball offers her a ticket out of hell and into the glitter of London society, lying about her identity is easy. Until the chemistry between them starts to crack her no-sex rule, and the pleasure of Isaac’s touch changes everything she thought she wanted.

When the truth starts to unravel and Isaac’s own secrets come to play, Mila’s will and belief in herself is put to the test. She might win the mistress experiment, but can she survive him?


My Review:

The Mistress Experiment is the newest novel from author Elizabeth Otto. Being a fan of Elizabeth’s other work, I was excited to read an early copy of this story and let me say, this book is fantastic!

Mila DePardo has had what you could say has been a pretty awful life. Alcoholic mother, prostitute sister, no money, stealing to be able to live, skirting the poverty line…yes, it’s been rough. Despite all of that, she always tried to keep her chin up and knew some day things would get better. They simply had to. One of the only positive things in her life was volunteering at the local hospital. It was there she was able to get glimpses of the nephew that had been taken away and put into a stable home. He was being treated for an illness and she lived to get those stolen moments with him. It was also where she met Dr. Isaac Kimball. The sexy British surgeon that all the ladies on staff drooled over…herself included. But he was so different from her and was so beyond out of her league that it was ridiculous. Or was he? She never in a million years expected the offer he approached her with. It was an offer to change her life. An offer that would help the volunteer program she worked for. An offer to help her nephew. An offer that after much deliberation she knew she would be stupid to turn down.

Dr. Isaac Kimball was used to living the life of privilege. He was from a wealthy family and had never wanted for a thing. He was also generous and was at a complete loss when the volunteer charity that worked at his hospital was in danger of shutting down from a lack of funding. Even more frustrating was that they wouldn’t take a large donation from him personally for a “conflict of interest”. Enter the seemingly ridiculous bet from his cousin: take a woman from a lower social status and prove that money didn’t matter…a Cinderella of sorts. At first Isaac balked at the idea but then he remembered Mila. The beautiful and dedicated volunteer that would be crushed if her program were dissolved. He knew very little about her but he guessed she had a rough life and he knew she would be perfect for this bet. Was he actually considering going through with this? In the end it would be a win-win for everyone, right? Mila gets to be pampered and live a decadent life for a time, the charity gets a huge donation, and Isaac wins the bet. What’s to lose? Only his heart…

What starts out a an innocent situation turns into heated moments and unyielding lust between Mila and Isaac. Would they have what it takes to shut down the differences between them and give love a chance?

Wow. I loved this book. It was a modern take on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and it was amazing. Isaac and Mila are two very different people on the outside but soon find out they have more in common then they ever suspected. The chemistry between them was delicious. But the almost impossible spot the bet had put them in would threaten to crush all the feelings that are developing between them and I was so worried for both of them. I love Isaac and I loved how he made Mila feel. Mila was also an amazing character with a resolve of steel and I admired her positive outlook despite her horrible station in life. Adding more to this story was the differences between American and British culture and the views on men keeping mistresses. Poor Mila had no idea what life would be like as a bona fide mistress, and to be honest, neither did I! It was quite eye-opening and very interesting. I think author Otto did a fantastic job of explaining the lifestyle to the reader and working it into the effect it had on Isaac and Mila’s relationship. There was just so much to love about his book. By the end, I was really hoping they would be able to keep their relationship past the end of the bet and while I won’t give any spoilers away, I will say the ending was just perfect.

With rich characters, fantastic chemistry, an impossible situation, and a fairy tale feel, this book is a must for all romance lovers. Thank you, Elizabeth, for a wonderful story! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the rest this series.


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About the author:

Elizabeth writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance by day, and works as an Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate by night. The night shift provides never-ending fodder for plots, characters and story lines! When not creating characters or saving lives, she wrangles three demonic children and tends to her heirloom garden in the beautiful Midwest.

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  1. I started my ARC of this last night and so far loving it! 🙂

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