Silly Jilly and Sassy Sel’s Spectacularly Spooky Sweepstakes

spooky sweepstakes

Silly Jilly and Sassy Sel’s Spectacularly Spooky Sweepstakes

Because we love Halloween so very much….

Read-Love-Blog is holding its very first Halloween costume contest!

The winner of the contest will receive his or her choice of either a $50 Amazon or a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card. Blog owner Jillian and guest blogger Selene will be judging the entries and the winner will be announced in early November. So, fellow book lovers, get those great ideas growing and those creative juices flowing!

Please read below for rules and recommendations.-

All entries MUST meet the following criteria in order to be considered:

– A single, high quality photo of the entrant in costume along with a short caption (less than 200 words) must be submitted to
readloveblog@gmail.com between the dates of Friday, October 17 and Sunday, November 2, 2014. Any early or late submissions will
not be accepted.
– Entrant must be holding or be standing near an object with the Read Love Blog logo on it.
– There can only be one person in the photo. Please notice we didn’t say anything about excluding pets and nonhumans.
– Costume cannot be too revealing or offensive.
– A statement on if we can or cannot post your photo to the site needs to be included along with your name and contact information.

Remember, we all are big readers so it’s no secret that we’ll be more partial to those dressed up as some of our favorite book characters. Also, extra points will go to those with original ideas, those that incorporate their setting into their costumes, and especially those that give us an imaginative caption.

Have fun and HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Read-Love-Blog!



Jill halloween collage

the hubs as Acheron & me as the Simi    |     the hubs as Dr. George Hodel and me as The Black Dahlia

me and sel halloween

me as creepy dolly and Selene as a Sugar Skull

Sel halloween collage

Selene as Peter Pan and a close up of the awesome sugar skull


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