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Atlantic City is the perfect place for detective Bradley Hudson to nurse his broken heart. A week of beer and strippers is sure to erase his former fiancée from his memory for good. What he didn’t count on was running into a sassy redhead from his past. Maybe a rebound romp is an even better plan…

Trina Trimble, private eye in training, is thrilled to be reunited with the hottie she almost hooked up with last summer. She’s undercover on her first solo case, but there’s always time to lock lips with a sexy cop. Besides, a fun fling with Brad doesn’t have to last beyond his week in town.

Brad and Trina are supposed to be just flirting, not forging a new forever. Brad’s still healing, and although Trina changes careers the way other women change shoes, she has finally found her calling in her new life of disguises and stakeouts. But when an irresistible job offer threatens to lure her away, Brad will need to decide to let her go or bet it all on love and risk his heart again.


My review:

Love on the Boardwalk is the sequel to author Christi Barth’s Love at High Tide but can be read as a standalone…although I loved Love at High Tide as well so I vote for you to read both! This book was fun, flirty, and sexy with two characters I adores reading and an interesting, and somewhat suspenseful, storyline. I loved it!

Baltimore PD detective Bradley Hudson finds himself in Atlantic City for the week, spending what should have been his wedding and honeymoon, alone. It seemed like an ok idea at the time, and to avoid listening to his family and friends, he agreed to this trip, and now as he’s sitting in some strip club, drinking an unappetizing drink, he realizes this may not have been a great idea. All that changes when he recognizes the cocktail waitress. It was Trina, his cousin’s girlfriend’s best friend and a girl he met last summer and had captivated him from that very first meeting. Maybe this trip wasn’t so bad? Could Trina be up for a little unattached fun? He sure hoped so…

Trina Trimble couldn’t believe Brad was sitting at a table in the strip club she was “sort of” working at. The whole “sort of” part because she was still working at becoming a private investigator and this was part of a case she was unofficially working. He wasn’t too happy about the last time she was working on a case when they had first met last summer and he ended up having to come to her rescue. But that was months ago and she was better at her job now.  And right about now she wanted to investigate why he was here and if his body looked at good without a shirt on as it did with one on…

A chance meeting will turn into more than Brad and Trina ever imagined when attraction and emotion come into play and suddenly the idea of a temporary, no-strings attached fling isn’t so appealing. They both wanted more.  Could this be the beginning of the relationship both Brad and Trina have been missing?

I can always count on Ms. Barth for a great read. She is always well-written and entertaining. This was certainly no exception! We first met Trina and Brad in Love at High Tide and even then, I knew Trina would be a colorful and fun character to read and Brad would be her perfect match. Opposites in many ways, they truly balance each other out beautifully. Poor Brad has been mending his broken heart for months and is ready to move on and Trina is exactly what he needs. She is a breath of fresh air in his life and brings excitement and fun to the table at every turn. But beyond that, she sees through right to the heart of him and that is something he’s never had before. On the flip side Brad is equally intuitive when it comes to Trina and calls her out on more than a few things in her life. That’s what makes these two click to well. It was fantastic to read their relationship grow from just a physical attraction to an emotional one on a deeper level. Add to that a few mobsters and some organized crime, and this story truly has it all!

Plus, we got to catch up with Darcy and Cooper from the previous book and I loved seeing them!

If you’re looking for an entertaining reading escape, Love on the Boardwalk is for you. Thank you, Christi, for yet another fantastic read.


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About the author:

Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage.
A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes contemporary romance.
Christi is President of the Maryland Romance Writers and lives in Maryland with her husband.

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