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A surprise inheritance reunites a mixed martial arts fighter with the woman he’s never forgotten in the first in a smoldering new series from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster…

Cannon Colter is quintessential hero material: chiseled jawline, shredded body—the works. He’s also the guy who rescued Yvette Sweeny from kidnappers, only to put an end to her romantic dreams. These days, she’s older, smarter, determined to face whatever life throws her way. Even the prospect of sharing a house and business with Cannon.

Cannon knew Yvette wanted him three years ago. But she was young—and some things are worth waiting for. Thrown together by her grandfather’s legacy, he realizes how deep Yvette’s scars really go, and how much danger lurks in their quiet town. As pent-up desire explodes between them, protecting her becomes the only fight that matters. And he’ll break all the rules to do it…


My review:

No Limits is the first book in author Lori Foster’s Ultimate series and starts with Cannon, a character we met in her Love Undercover series. Let’s just say I fell in love with Cannon immediately and was eagerly waiting for his book….and it was everything I had hoped for and more!

MMA fighter Cannon Colter’s fighting career started early on in life…out on the streets. He was the one always trying to keep the scum off his streets and away from his neighbors. He was the vigilante with a sense of honor and respect. Add that to being handsome and having a killer physique and the ladies loved him as much as the bad guys hated him. Yvette was one of those ladies. He had always had an eye for her but at the time she was too young. Legal, but young. Making matters worse was she and her grandfather had been the victim of a sickening crime, which Cannon had helped rescue them from, and didn’t that just add to the reasons why the timing wasn’t right. That was three years ago and even now with a successful fighting career, great reputation in his community and plans for growing his community center, he still thought of her. Fate always has a way of working things to her advantage and suddenly Yvette is back in town because of her grandfather’s death and as Cannon sits in the attorney’s office being read his will, he realizes he will soon be spending an awful lot of time with the woman who has haunted his memories for the past three years. Cannon wouldn’t let this opportunity slip away this time…

Steeling herself for the return to the town she both loved and hated, Yvette Sweeney was filled with mixed emotions. She had grown in the three years since she had left. Being the victim of a crime tended to do that to a gal. Sure she was worried about how seeing her old home and town would affect her but if she’s being honest, she was more unsettled with seeing Cannon again. She had always held a flame for him and she had worked hard on herself since leaving to make herself a stronger woman. Someone he wouldn’t have to worry about and fret over like he had before she left. She wasn’t the scared girl she was before. The question was, would it make a difference? It was time to face the music, head home, get her grandfather’s affairs in order and hopefully leave with her heart intact.

With so much history between them, would the time apart prove to be something of good or did it damage the friendship and attraction they both felt back then?

Oh man, if I didn’t already love Cannon from the pervious books, I sure as hell would love him now. This book was fantastic. Yvette has really changed from the last time we saw her and she has turned into one hell of a strong woman. She’s got her head held high and has tried to turn what happened to her into something to learn from. She was a very admirable character to read and I enjoyed her a whole lot. Now, as for Cannon, what can I say? He is the ultimate protector with a fierce loyalty to the people he holds close. Yvette being one of them. I loved everything about him. He has a quiet danger lurking underneath his handsome exterior and people know not to mess with him. He gets results, more often than not, just by eluding to the damage he is capable of….which comes in handy more than a few times in this book. Someone isn’t happy with Yvette being back in town and even though she wants to prove that she can handle whatever comes her way, he refuses to let her do it alone. Problem is, the dangers keep mounting. Which leads me to the other facet of this story that I loved: the mystery behind the threats. There were more than a few people it could have been and I was really kept guessing until the very end. When we found out who it was I was shocked. Never saw THAT suspect coming. I love that “whoa” moment! Really well done.

Now, I can’t go without mentioning Cannon’s friends and fellow fighters we meet in this story. They are all fantastic with big personalities that I am looking forward to reading in future installments in this series.

This is a book that has it all…mystery, emotions, tons of heat, and great characters and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Ms. Foster, for a phenomenal read!



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About the author:

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here: http://lorifoster.com/benefit-books/

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