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On the Internet, secrets never die…
Violet can’t imagine anything worse than having her very private, very naked photos strewn across the Internet.
Until they multiply like a virus.
With her name, address, and phone number attached.
And her boss finds out. And a stalker finds her.
Violet’s refuge is a rock star known for going through groupies faster than guitar picks. Letting Jayce get close enough to protect her exposes her secrets—and her heart—to a man whose celebrity could ruin her.
That’s because being a nobody is the one thing that keeps Violet’s photos from making headlines. And it’s the reason she can never fall for a rock star.
Secrets spread like wildfire when a celebrity fans the flames.

REVENGE BOUND is a full-length, standalone novel, and a companion to the Tattoo Thief books. It contains steamy scenes and strong language intended for mature readers.

My review:

Revenge Bound is the third book in author Heidi Joy Tretheway’s Tattoo Thief series and can absolutely be read as a standalone, although I have loved every book in the series thus far and highly recommend. This book was no exception, I loved it from start to finish!

Photographer Violet had always been on one side of the camera until one night when her boyfriend took some very personal, and very naked, pictures of her. She wasn’t thrilled about it but he had done it in a moment of weakness and had dismissed it as something couples did….until they broke up. Now, suddenly she starts receiving extremely dirty texts from strangers and is horrified to find out her ex has posted those pictures on the internet along with her address and phone number. Violet thinks if she just tries to ignore it, the situation will go away but things turn dangerous when one of the numbers texting her gets eerily personal. Texting her about what she was wearing that day or where she had been. Someone was watching her. Making matters worse was she was barely holding it together while shooting the band, Tattoo Thief, and Jayce had noticed. Now he’s offering to help her fix the situation and she isn’t sure what to think. Could the playboy Jayce really be a good guy? Or would he turn out to be just like her ex.

Tattoo Thief member, Jayce, had noticed Violet from the minute he laid eyes on her. There was something about her and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Now, he’s noticing something is wrong and she’s in some sort of trouble. He shouldn’t care. He’s not the type to get involved…it’s not his style. But he can’t seem to help himself when it comes to Violet and he vows to find out what the hell is going on and what’s causing her so much pain. She brings out all sorts of protective instincts in him that he never knew he had and despite her objections he refuses to take no for an answer. Could she be the one to tame his playboy ways? He sure as hell felt like she could be…now if she would just let him in.

Violet is in a mess of epic proportions and emotions are running high but Jayce is turning out to be her solace in the midst of the storm. Have they found something between them that reaches far beyond fixing a bad situation?

Man, so many reasons to love this book. Poor Violet is a pretty private person and becoming a victim of revenge porn has rocked her world. Her father is in politics and this has the potential to ruin their family’s image not to mention her safety when it turns into a case of stalking. She’s scared and doesn’t know where to turn but the one thing I admired about her was that she was determined to fight. She is such a real character in that she has her meltdowns but then is able to pick herself up and come back guns blazing. Jayce is totally swoon worthy in this story. He is protective and caring. Even if he isn’t used to the feelings he wants to make the situation better for her and does everything in his power to do so. He goes from playboy to knight in shining armor and I loved every minute of it. Together they navigate through their feelings and learn more about themselves together than they ever would have apart. Oh, and the chemistry they share is smoking hot. But beyond that, this story deals with the very real issue of revenge porn and calls attention to the seriousness of the act. I applaud Heidi Joy for bringing it to light and for letting readers know how very serious revenge porn is. Luckily, in this story, Jayce and Violet have a happy ending but unfortunately for many, it doesn’t turn out that way.

Thank you, Heidi Joy, for a story that combines tons of emotion and heat along with a very real issue. I will continue to look forward to more in the Tattoo Thief series!

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About the author:

Heidi Joy lives in Happy Valley off Sunnyside Road. She swears she did not make that up.

Heidi’s obsessed with storytelling. Her career includes marketing, journalism, and a delicious few years as a food columnist. Media passes took her backstage with several rock bands, where she learned that sometimes a wardrobe malfunction is exactly what the rock star intends.

You’ll most often find Heidi Joy with her husband and two small kids cooking, fishing, exploring the Northwest, and building epic forts in their living room.



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