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Everyone in Bell Harbor thinks career-minded plastic surgeon Evelyn Rhoades needs a husband. Everyone, that is, except for Evelyn . . . sort of. Even if she did want a husband (which she doesn’t . . . most of the time), she’d never let something as intangible as fate determine who she marries. No, if she’s going to find someone to spend her life with, she’ll do it scientifically: with a carefully crafted list of criteria and an Internet dating site. But when intoxicated, law-breaking Tyler Connelly crashes into her life by way of a stolen Jet Ski, unruly emotions defy common sense. Sure, he’s sexy, charming, and determined to win Evelyn’s affection, but all evidence points to him being the worst possible choice. He’s too young for her. Too irresponsible. Too underemployed. And, oh yeah, he’s her patient. But Tyler knows firsthand how the best-laid plans can crumble under the weight of destiny. Now all he needs to do is to teach Evelyn that, in matters of the heart, love often supersedes logic.


My review:

The Best Medicine is the second book in author Tracy Brogan’s Bell Harbor Series and the first of Tracy’s work I have read. Well, after reading about Evie and Tyler, I am hooked!

Young and successful plastic surgeon Evelyn Rhoades hasn’t given much thought to marriage and family. After all, she had lived through the messy divorce of her parents and even messier were the years they were still married. So to say she focused primarily on her career wasn’t exactly an untruth. She had been ok with that until right about now. When her most recent birthday brings her into mid-thirties territory. Maybe she should start thinking about a husband and some kids. So reluctantly she makes a list of husband criteria and lets her friends set her up on a dating site and arrange some meet and greets. There’s just a few problems. One, the guys she’s taken chances on were total duds and two, she can’t stop thinking about the very handsome, very mysterious and very young patient she treated in the ER the week before. Tyler Connelly crashed a jet ski and in essence crashed into her life. Now not only can’t she get him out of her head but he seems to be popping up everywhere she is. Now she’d never get him out of her head. But he was entirely too young and had a good/bad rep around town depending on who you asked. But the guy was persistent and asked her out every time he sees her in the hopes she would give in. There’s only so many times a gal can resist Tyler’s charm…

Tyler Connelly is a mystery a lot of people would like to figure out. He hasn’t got the best reputation in his hometown and his family is a tad batshit crazy but he didn’t care what anyone thought of him or his family. Nope, he knew what kind of man he was and he didn’t need to prove it to anyone except himself. He protected his family and tried to stand up for what’s right even in sometimes that landed him in hot water with the law. When he meets Dr. Rhodes after his latest debacle, he knows he has to get to know her better. There’s something about her that calls to him in a way he’s never felt before. Now he just has to convince her that their age difference doesn’t mean nearly as much as she thinks it does. Good thing for Evelyn that he was a persistent guy and always gets his way in the end.

The chance Evelyn takes on Tyler seems like just another date but soon turns into so much more when Evelyn and Tyler realize they have an undeniable chemistry. Will Evelyn’s pursuit of a husband scare Tyler away? Will Tyler’s reputation and complicated family ties have Evelyn running for the hills? The better question is: will love conquer all?

Oh man, this story had me from the very first few paragraphs. No, it’s not because we meet the young, mysterious and handsome bad boy early on. What grabbed me from the beginning was Evelyn. Her inner monologue was sassy snark at it’s best and had me wishing I could be a fly on the wall in her life’s semi-mis-adventures. From her friends throwing her a birthday party she smiled thorough while secretly loathing inside, to her awful first few dates, she was truly one of the most fun characters I’ve read. She had me laughing out loud and groaning alongside her during more than a few embarrassing moments. And then there’s Tyler. Swoon worthy Tyler. He was a mystery for most of the book and layer by layer who he was is revealed and, my oh my, I adore that man. He turns out to be the exact opposite of the guy we thought he was. Introduced as a bit of a bad boy, he is anything but. He’s honorable and loyal with a stand up, modern knight in shining armor appeal that made me fall in love with him. He lands a top spot on my book boyfriend list for sure! And of course, he had me crying my eyes out during the last few pages. But if you know me, you know I adore that in a book!

The Best Medicine is s sweet and spicy read with just the right balance of snark, sassiness, romance, and heat. Thank you, Tracy, for giving us some fabulous medicine! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.



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About the author:

Past or present, Tracy Brogan loves romance.

She writes funny contemporary stories about ordinary people finding extraordinary love, and stirring historical romance full of political intrigue, damsels causing distress, and the occasional man in a kilt.

Tracy is a best-selling author, a 2013 RWA® RITA Best First Book Finalist for CRAZY LITTLE THING, a two-time Golden Quill winner in both contemporary and historical romance, and the winner of a Booksellers Best award for HIGHLAND SURRENDER.

Tracy lives in Michigan with her husband, her children and their overly-indulged dogs. Please stop by her website at tracybrogan.com, or visit her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AuthorTracyBrogan




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