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Extreme Measures releases July 8

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Being prepared for any scenario is the trademark of any good CIA operative, and Eve Wolfe is one of the best. But when her latest mission literally explodes in her face, she wakes up labeled a traitor and—even more surprising—in the custody of elite Aegis Security operative and ex-lover Zane Archer. Although she still secretly has feelings for Zane, he’s now demanding the one thing that she can’t give him: the truth.

When he caught her breaking the rules years ago, Zane let Eve walk away without an explanation. Now someone has not only sabotaged Aegis but also turned an American city into a war zone, and all signs point to Eve. Zane needs answers that can come only from Eve’s still-tempting lips, and he finally has the elusive operative right where he wants her—at his mercy.


My review:

Extreme Measures is the first book in author Elisabeth Naughton’s newest series, The Aegis Security Series, and kicks it off with a pulse pounding and page turning start!

CIA operative Eve Wolfe is used to having to get into different roles…after all her job relies on it. But one role she never would have expected herself in was one of prisoner. When she finds herself chained to a bed and in the hands of the man she had loved and lost, Zane Archer, she knows this isn’t going to go well. He believed her a traitor, and without being able to explain otherwise, she knows she’s in trouble. He’s looking for answers that she just can’t give him. The last mission they worked on together had ended terribly for him and he thinks she had something to do with it. Can she convince him she never would have done the things he’s accusing her of before it’s too late?

Aegis Security agent Zane Archer will never forget the act of betrayal that ruined his last mission, killed people, and almost killed him. Now, he finally has the chance to get to the bottom of it, thanks to getting his hands on Eve. Eve, the woman he once loved and the same woman he believed was responsible for that act of betrayal. Unfortunately having Eve in his grasp leads to the realization that there are much bigger forces at work here and the danger he’s facing is greater than he ever imagined. Now Aegis is at risk and so is an entire town. Will he and Eve have to work together again to find out who is behind it all? Will he ever be able to trust her again in order to do just that?

Emotions run high from the very beginning between Eve and Zane and with so much more at stake than either of them had imagined will they be able to put their past aside to get to the bottom of a plot bound to destroy not only them, but the very foundations of what they believe in?

Talk about one hell of a ride! From the very start, Zane and Eve’s story is an intense one. Secret missions, acts of duplicity, kidnapping, threats on their lives, and tons of undying lust between them add up to one hell of a combustible combination. I was kept on the edge of my seat the entire book and wasn’t sure who either Eve or Zane could trust. Even until the very end, things were unclear as to who was on team good and who was on team bad. I really enjoy that in a story! Oh, and the chemistry between Eve and Zane? Whoa. Talk about delicious. There is so much love and hate that you know from the very beginning things are going to be intense between them and it’s only a matter of time before they stop resisting the urge to get their hands on one another. When they finally give in it is scorching!

All in all, if you love high action and unbeatable chemistry, this is a book for you. Thank you, Elisabeth, for one hell of a ride!

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About the author:

Bestselling Author Elisabeth Naughton writes full time from her home in western Oregon where she lives with her husband and three children. Her books have appeared on every major bestsellers list, including the New York Times, the USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Digital Book World and IndieReader, and have been nominated for numerous awards such as the prestigious RITA® awards by Romance Writers of America, the Australian Romance Reader Awards, The Golden Leaf and the Golden Heart. When not writing, Elisabeth can be found running, hanging out at the ballpark or dreaming up new and exciting adventures. Visit her website at www.ElisabethNaughton.com to learn more about her books.

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