Rina’s Quick Audio Bytes ~ Audiobook Reviews in Short: Forever His: Stolen Bride Series, Volume 1 by Shelly Thacker

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Forever His cover

Forever His: Stolen Bride Series, Volume 1

Written by: Shelly Thacker
Narrated by: Julia Motyka
Duration: 15 hrs 5 mins
Genre: Historical Romance

Story: 4.5 stars
Performance: 4 stars
Overall: 4.5 stars


Whisked away over 700 years into past on New Years Eve, Celine Fontaine finds herself in the embrace of a boorish, wenching, lug of a man, who keeps calling her Christine. She soon learns that Sir Gaston de Varennes is not only incorrigible, he is also her betrothed, a marriage decreed by King Philip to ensure that Gaston and the Duke Tyrell put an end to their tiresome quarrel.
Gaston thirsts for vengeance, convinced the death of his father a brother was a result of foul play by the hand of Tyrell, but he lacks the proof. Believing that a marriage to Christine is just another ploy by the treacherous Duke, Gaston keeps Celine at an arm’s distance although he really yearns to have her in his bed.

Quick Byte:

Shelly Thacker is a master of historical romance, sucking the reader into a vibrant painting of the past. The modern world collides with what once was, for an edge of your seat adventure that had me listening way past my bed time to see what happens next. Celine and Gaston melt the pages, a push and pull of expertly delivered tension, threatening to bubble over. Will they or won’t they?

Julia Motyka does a wonderful job of bringing Shelly Thacker’s world to life, making the story all the more authentic and enjoyable. This is the first book of the Stolen Bride series. I already loved and reviewed the second book in the series, His Forbidden Touch, and can’t wait to start the third.





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