One Night With a Quarterback by Jeanette Murray….Giveaway and Book Spotlight



A one-night stand shouldn’t go into overtime…

She’s daddy’s little girl…or she would have been, had he known she existed. Cassie Wainwright thought her father—head coach of the Santa Fe Bobcats—ignored her purposefully. Come to find out, he had no clue she’d ever been born.

Now Cassie is determined to meet the man who’s always been missing from her life. Her mother warns her, being the long-lost daughter of a well-known NFL coach won’t be easy, but Cassie’s determined to stick it out. And before her life turns upside down, she wants one more night of fun.

Starting quarterback for the Santa Fe Bobcats, Trey Owens is tired of being in the limelight. Lucky for him, the beautiful brunette he meets at the club isn’t a local. She has no idea who he is…and she’s down to party.

Tomorrow, Cassie will think about her father. Tomorrow, she’ll think about her future. But tonight is for herself and the hottie she found on dance floor. It’s a matchup made in heaven—if only for a night…


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To enter all you have to do is comment on this blog post and tell us what your high school mascot was! It’s that easy! Contest ends June 20, 2014.

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About the author:

Kat (or Jeanette!) spends her days surrounded by hunky alpha men…at least in her imagination. In real life, she’s a wife and a mother, keeping tabs on her husband of six years, her three year old daughter and the family dog, a lovable (but completely stupid) Goldendoodle. Hang around long enough and you’re guaranteed to hear at least one or two stories about these three.

What’s with the two names? Great question. Kat (or Jeanette) writes for a few different publishers. And due to the timing of some releases, two names just seemed like the right option. But Jeanette (or Kat!) can assure you, no matter which pen name you’re reading, you’re going to get sexy contemporary love.

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  1. maureen mckenzie says:

    My High school mascot was a Blue Devil

  2. My high school mascot was a Commander. 🙂

  3. Ours was a Beaver. (Beaverton). What can I say, we were original!

  4. We were the Riverside Rams!

  5. I am such a fan of Jeanette 🙂 I read her first three books and fell in love with her military books. I’m super excited for her take on footballers!

    My high school mascot was a bearcat 🙂 A weird bear/cat hybrid that nothing resembled the actual animal.

  6. Lorelei Hawkins says:

    We were the Mustang

  7. Misty Griffenberg says:


  8. My HS mascot was a Jackrabbit. Yeah yeah. No jokes please. :p

  9. Tracy Feocco says:

    We were the Cougars.

  10. Marie McKenney says:

    My mascot was an Eagle.

  11. Eastdale Eagles. Our colors were red and white. A few years ago when High School Musical was big, the kids I taught thought it was cool that I went to East High and wore red and white.

  12. My highschool mascot was a Thunderbird.

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  13. I live in Israel and we don’t have high school mascot since high school sports are really not a big deal here.

  14. Judi Keplar says:

    My mascot was the Redskins.

  15. Alison B says:

    My high school mascot was an Eagle. Can’t wait to read the new book!!!

  16. My high school mascot was a Cavalier!

  17. Shirley Bastian says:

    my high school mascot? the bald eagle

  18. xenamolly says:

    My high school mascot was a RAM. Blue and Yellow were the colors

  19. Jennifer Walls says:

    We were the Hawks!

  20. Lorie Glowania says:

    Went to a catholic all girls high school so no mascot for us but my daughters is a Hawk

  21. chelsea says:

    My high school mascot was the lions

  22. My high school mascot were the Wildcats

  23. Our mascot was the wildcat

  24. A Lancer (Knight)

  25. Ellen C. says:

    We were the Mustangs.

  26. My high school mascot was a wildcat


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