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To start your week off right, I have FIVE kindle copies of Larissa Ione’s AZAGOTH to give away! (if you don’t have a kindle, not to worry! You can download free Kindle reading apps HERE)
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I also had the pleasure of interviewing Larissa for the 1,001 Dark Nights Monthly Newsletter. Here is a snippet:

We are all SO excited to have Azagoth’s story! Was he someone you were always planning to give a story to?

Thank you! I’m excited too! And you know, I knew from the moment he appeared in a scene in Ecstasy Unveiled that he needed a story. I wasn’t sure when or how I’d do it, because when it comes down to it, the scope of his world is really small. I knew I couldn’t get a full-length book out of him because he can’t leave his realm, so when the 1001 Dark Nights opportunity arose, it gave me the perfect chance to explore his unique world and keep the focus on the romance – not on an involved outside plot. It’s funny though, because even without a huge world, his book still turned out to be twice as long as my usual novellas. Yay!

Azagoth and Lilliana are such an amazing couple and I adore them. Was there ever an idea for a different heroine or did you always have Lilliana in mind?

I’ve had Lilliana in mind for a year or so…not long. She started popping into my head while I was working on Reaver. I wish I’d included her in Reaver’s book, but she at least got a mention in the Reaver Christmas story I wrote for a freebie on my website. But yes, I’ve had her in mind…at least, I had her character in mind. I wanted Azagoth to have someone who was being forced to be with him, mainly because he wanted someone willing. Poor guy has been so lonely, and all he wants is a female to share his life with – so naturally, I have to give him Lilliana, who doesn’t want to be there. At all.

Will we get to visit more with Azagoth and Lilliana and the Unfallen? It’s such a fascinating new aspect to the world.

Thank you! And yes, you’ll see more of them. I’ll be giving Hades his own story next year (It’ll be a 1001 Dark Nights book!) so we’ll be revisiting Sheoul-gra for sure, and a certain Unfallen angel you’ll meet in Azagoth with get to fall in love!

You’re amazing at writing the damaged hero. From Wraith to Reseph and now with Azagoth, we always want your guys to get their happily ever after. Do you find it hard to give the reader the perfect balance of toughness and vulnerability with that type of hero?

Actually, that’s the easiest hero for me to write. I’m not sure why, but I LOVE writing damaged, tough heroes. The “together” ones like Eidolon, Arik, and Ares are the ones who are difficult to write. Yes, each of them is damaged in their own way, but for the most part, the well-adjusted ones are hard because their vulnerabilities aren’t out there on the surface for all to see. It’s much easier for me to write the ones who have flashing neon lights over their heads that say, “DAMAGED. BAD.”

Although you primarily write paranormal, you do have a contemporary out: Snowbound. I read it and really enjoyed it…any plans to do more contemporary work?

Eventually, yes. I’d like to write a sequel to Snowbound – Todd’s story. I enjoy writing contemporary, and right now that’s what’s really hot. But I’ve got to get some other stories out of my head before I can get back to contemporary writing!


You can read the entire interview HERE

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