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To start your weekend off right, I have FIVE kindle copies of Lexi Blake’s DUNGEON GAMES to give away! (if you don’t have a kindle, not to worry! You can download free Kindle reading apps HERE)
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I also had the pleasure of interviewing Lexi for the 1,001 Dark Nights Monthly Newsletter.  Here is a snippet:

You write your Masters of Ménage series with author Shayla Black and it has got to be fun writing with a great partner. Are there any writing shenanigans that have happened while working together that you can share?

We have a lot of fun with that series. We came up with the idea for it over margaritas. A couple of years back we would have lunch every Friday at a Mexican restaurant in Grapevine and we probably plotted the first three there. After awhile, the waitresses learned to seat us at the back, far away from anyone else because our work conversations involved how three dudes could please one woman. Yes, we got some stares…

What do you find most fascinating about the D/s relationship?

D/s takes sex seriously. Both partners are forced to talk, to really communicate about what they’re feeling and their needs sexually. So often we women push aside our sexual selves and label that part of lives as something meaningless when it’s important to who we are and how our relationships work. My husband and I are happier for finally learning how to talk about sex. For so many men, it’s the language of their love and women often won’t learn to speak it. Conversely, it forces the man to talk our language – words of love and affection to go along with the physical. But of course it all depends on how you practice. There are as many ways to practice D/s as there are people who practice it.

I adore your urban fantasy series, The Thieves. Do you find it’s hard to jump from two really diverse genres?

I love the change. I would get bored writing the same style of book all the time. Thieves is utterly different. Not only is it UF, it’s first person and there’s a different purpose in first person. It’s all about helping the reader to truly lose herself in the character. I get to do it, too. When I’m writing Thieves I become Z in a way I can’t with third person because there are so many voices. I have a second series coming out from another heroine’s POV. It’s set in the same world and it was so much fun to see the characters I had written about for five books from an outside POV.

All of your covers are amazing and my personal faves are the Masters and Mercenaries covers. They are delicious! How important are your covers to you and how much say do you have over the finished product?

I think covers are deeply important. They say something about the time and thought put inside the book especially for an indie author. I spend time and money to get those covers right. They need to convey what the book is about. For M&M it’s a James Bondy feel. I try to buy my images outright so I don’t see them on fifty different books. Photographers like Kim Killion and Jenn LeBlanc do amazing jobs.

Derek and Karina are smoking hot and have beautiful sexual tension. What made you choose them for your 1,001 Dark Nights novella?

Derek showed up in The Men with the Golden Cuffs and Karina in Love and Let Die, but I didn’t realize they were kind of sparking off each other until Unconditional. I really wanted a couple who could also have a suspenseful external story. With Derek being a cop and Karina a PI, they fit the bill. They’re an odd couple. Derek is by the book and a bit of an OCD clean freak and Karina flies by the seat of her pants and doesn’t mind a little mess. I think in the end they make each other better.

you can read the entire interview here.

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About the author:

Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband and three kids. She began writing at a young age concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.

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