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Settling Ashes releases May 15

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He broke her heart, she’s missing the largest piece of the puzzle…

Paige Hill is no stranger to physical pain, but the ache that plagues her heart is an entirely new kind of hurt. She left Rutherford to escape it, but did she make a huge mistake? Her ex-boyfriend Beau, who scooped up the broken pieces of Paige like he never got the chance in their past, doesn’t think so. He wants her to stay…

Clay Forbes can’t eat, can’t sleep, and can’t fight the murder charge that hangs like a guillotine over his head. None of it matters if Paige won’t forgive him. He’ll do anything to find her and bring her home.

But how safe will that home be when the two are finally reunited? It seems the death of Hannah Davis is definitely unfinished business in their small college town, and someone is still on a mission to keep Clay and Paige apart…this time forever.



My review:

Settling Ashes is the second book in author Diana Gardin’s The Ashes Series and one could say the second part of Paige and Clay’s story, picking up where Out of the Ashes left off.

With the betrayal of her boyfriend still fresh in her mind, Paige Hill has turned to her ex-boyfriend, Beau, to help her escape her college town and all of the pain and confusion that comes along with that once safe haven. She still couldn’t believe Clay had been caught in his ex’s bed especially after the torment the ex had caused Paige since she had started dating Clay. Making matters worse is that Clay’s ex had been murdered right after Clay spent the night there and he was the prime suspect. It was just too much for Paige to handle. Being back in Beau’s company felt safe and comforting and she needed that. If only Beau could see the situation for what it was and not a chance for them to get back together. Paige knows she has to go back and face Clay and resolve their issues whether it means they can work it out and stay together or go their separate ways isn’t exactly clear yet. And of course there’s the matter of the murder investigation. How much could one girl have to deal with in her lifetime?

Clay Forbes was certain of three things: he didn’t kill his ex or sleep with her and he needed to get Paige back. With Paige back, he could handle the investigation and all of the stress that came with it. But he needed her back. He needed to prove to her that he would never hurt her like that and that no two people had ever meant to be together as much as they are. When she shows back up at campus he had never felt more relieved. He wasn’t relieved, however, that she brought her ex back with her. He wasn’t stupid enough to think she had gotten back together with him, but he knew he had a fight on his hands. A fight for Paige and her heart…and his freedom. Deep down Clay knows it will all work out in the end and Paige would be by his side.

Between a murder investigation, battered trust, and high emotions, Clay and Paige have one hell of a rough road ahead of them. Will they find out who actually killed Clay’s ex? Will the love they’ve found be enough to ride out the storm?

I was so happy to get to the conclusion of Clay and Paige’s turmoil with this book. I had been so anxious since finishing the last book and was so worried for these two. Throw in the murder mystery and this book has it all. Clay is a man on a mission and he won’t go down without fighting for Paige. He knows it’s going to take a lot to get her just to sit down and listen to him and his side of the story but he also knows he’s innocent…of the murder and the infidelity. Now, if he could just get her to listen. Paige is such a strong character already and now to have to deal with this? Most gals would be running for the hills for good. But one of the things I love most about Paige is her ability to look at things at different angles and is open to talking and working things out. Thankfully, with the support system of friends they have, Clay and Paige are able to get through the rough waters and back to a good place. Of course, it still doesn’t help that there’s a murderer out there. Talk about a “whoa” moment when the killer is revealed! Never saw that coming a mile away! Oh, and the ending of this book? So freaking perfect! I was a giggling and crying mess! Loved it.

Thank you, Diana, for another amazing read!

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About the author:

Books are my passion. Whether I’m writing them or reading them, they have always been a big part of my life. As an adult who just entered my thirties, I realize that it’s something I can’t live without, and what I really want to do for a living every day. It’s, for me, the job that doesn’t feel like work. So now, I’m proudly able to say that I’m a crazy wife, a worrywart mama of two, and a passionate writer. Love this life!

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